Henry Armstrong aka Homicide Hank

Noone whoever saw this fighter known as "Homicide Hank" will ever forget him: A non-stop punching machine, his style rhythmic, his arms crossed in front of his face, racing the clock with each punch and each punch punctuated by a grunt. The only man to ever hold 3 titles at one time, a feat which has never been accomplished. As impressive as that sounds, it should have been FOUR titles but his fight for the MW Championship was ruled a very controversial draw in which ringside observers felt that Armstrong won pretty handily. Hank, and his perpetual motion style, ended his career with a record of 151-21-9 with 101 KO's

Thank bodybag.Is it me or does henry armstong(stylewise) remind you of aaron pryor?

As far as looks or fighting style?

Style.always in motion and trying to counter and put unrelenting pressure on their opponents.And god forbid you get tired.Tough style to do ,even harder style to deal with

WAY better cardio than Tank.

Get his fights from Kurt Noltimier

Yup. The same in the sense as putting pressure on their opponents, except that Hank preferred to bury his head in your chest and just work you over for the entire fight. Difference in their demeanor though. Aaron never looked too pleasant, lol!

My god did those old-time boxers fight fuckin OFTEN.

151-21-9??? Jesus Christ...

Yes sir. A feat even more impressive when you consider that one year, Armstrong went 27-0 with 26 ko's!!! Thats a whole career for some.

Heres another interesting little fact about Henry. He faced 17 champions throughout his career and defeated 15, One of them being the great Barney Ross, for the welterweight championship. A fight in which Armstrong was outweighed by Ross.

I dont know about that, Max. Although Burley was probably the most ducked fighter by big name boxers in history, he was also a bit larger than Hank. If he DID duck him, I dont blame him, lol! You really think he ducked him?

What I did notice is that both of them lost to that sonofabitch, Frizie Zivic. That dirty little bastard deseves a thread all to himself! Haha

Yeah he lost to him once and beat him twice. I didnt know that about Burley. I always considered him more of a middleweight and Hank more of a lightweight/welterweight.

Whats the name of that book, I wanna check it out.

Whats incredible is that Armstrong won those three championships in a span of just under ten months!! Unbelievable

Yes maam! Hurricane Hank aka Homicide Hank aka Hammerin Henry aka Perpetual Motion =)

Whenever the media talks about old boxers is there some sort of unwritten rule that Bert Sugar needs to be interviewed? I was sick of him and his stupid unlit cigar that he always makes sure gets camera time many years ago.

I think old boxing is the most interesting of all...

I like to listern to the old timers and the fights they saw years ago...

good vid....

Steph, I read the same thing. I read that Henry's heart was 1/3rd larger than an average heart. Let me see if I could find the article.. =)

Here Steph, Im no doctor but this is the story I read:

Upon his death it was discovered that Armstrong's heart was a third larger than that of the average person (Schwartz). This allowed him to fight at a ferocious pace for 15 rounds without loss of breath. It seems certain that he could have done the same thing in a 20 round bout.

  Gilbert Odd penned (1974, p 117), "Armstrong was a fistic phenomena. He had an abnormally slow heartbeat and had to warm up in the dressing room with ten rounds of fast shadow boxing before going into the ring to fight a torrid 15 round battle. He tossed punches incessantly and they came from all angles. He fought so furiously it was impossible to count the blows he struck."