Heres a VID for all the TKD haters

two VIDS actually



thanks for posting the link




Where's Tommy Lee when we need him.

Dae Han

VERY COOL proves exactly what I've been saying about American TKD versus Korean TKD.

Korean TKD is dangerous as fuck...much respect to Korean TKD

hey Ben see you in Feb on the 11th at the next Elite Cage Fighting event

Here's another one...:


And another...:

that was pretty sweet and it reminded me of hwoarang from tekken... i think i saw him in the background somewhere

I'm guessing the Muay Thai fighter was not that experienced since he didn't try to close the gap and enter on the TKD guy. As for the 1st video w/ the demos, I wouldn't want to be a kiln-dried pine board in a dark alley.... Seriously, I'm a 3rd dan in TKD (before I knew better) and its almost worthless in regards to MMA. I think GSP as done a good job adapting some TKD type kicks to his arsenal but for the most part its not worth learning for self defense or MMA.

i've heard that the TKD versus Muay Thai fight is fake.... TKD propaganda

people just parrot "muay thai" because everyone else says it. Fact is, there are some pretty lame muay thai schools in western countries. Most western muay thai will not turn you into the next Thai champion in any way, shape or form...but you will think you are a badass, and for some people that is important.

I saw a documentary about the Korean taekwondo team and they were fantastic good at kicking as anyone else in the world, including thai boxers. Better probably. Taekwondo is a great kicking sport; just very limited in the range of stuff it teaches (just kicks really).

As much as that video is impressive for what it is, and I could never do any of that stuff in my dreams, I don't think it's going to do much to change the proper perception that they'd get their ass kicked by an MMA fighter.

"Here's another one...:"

I guess that says it all.

regardless of practicality that shit was cool!