Heres a VID for all the TKD haters

very cool videos, great stuff to watch. But being able to do fancy acrobatic spins and jump kicks ain't gonna work to well in the street or the cage.

Bonnar uses TKD

There is no denying the flexibility that TKD teaches you. That was a nice clip. I wouldnt mind adding some of those kicks to my game. But using tkd as a system is shit.

And some some of you doubt the power and effectiveness of those kicks....ask Chainsaw Charles Mccarthy how Loiseasu's spin kick felt when they fought.

Point sparring is just gay IMO.

Anyone have any footage of some Irish TDK/3 Zones of Death? That shit it for realzorz.

Impressive athleticism in the first vid, but I still see nothing anywhere that shows TKD is an effective fighting system.

that stuff is pretty cool....but my gut tells me theres more stuff out there of tkd guys getting their asses kicked by thai fighters than the other way around

thanks for the vids!!

lol at the way the guy runs around kicking w/ his hands down. it make even me want to punch him in his fuggin head--and i grapple for God's sake.

still a hater

TKD is a good way to get your ass kicked

None of the haters like to talk about the Crow/McCarthy fight

"I don't think that Louiseau trains like in that first video"

He still uses TKD techniques in his fights though

So your salient point is that you can think of a single instance where a single TKD technique had a positive outcome?

golf clap

"So your salient point is that you can think of a single instance where a single TKD technique had a positive outcome? "

No, actually I've watched the Crow back in his UCC days, and his TKD is pretty apparent if you know what to look for. Spinning kicks, spinning backfists, like that. That spinner to McArthy didn't just happen out of the blue. I've met other TKD guys who didn't get their belts in a strip mall somewhere who do in fact train with hard sparring. But since if you don't see it on the television it doesn't exist, I'm giving you an exmaple you may have seen.

Not just what you train, but how you train it.

I don't train TKD myself, but I'm not so blind a fool that if someone said 'I take TKD' I'll think that automagically I can kick their ass. Martial arts aren't like superpowers - they don't predict how you'll do in a fight.

But hey, whatever gets you through the night.


I guess I was wrong...TKD is excellent if I'm ever attacked by pieces of partical board or if I want to kick an 8ft tall giant in the forehead.

TTT for Crap Kwon Do.

"Seriously, I'm a 3rd dan in TKD (before I knew better) and its almost worthless in regards to MMA."

Did TKD do any of the following for you:

1.  Get you in shape? Should have, my school "hell kicked" for hours!

2.  Help control your fear/anxiety of sparring & or fighting?

3.  Did it teach you discipline as far as making classes, working towards a goal and following through?

4.  Did you learn the proper techniques when throwing kicks? How to snap a kick? When to point our toes?

If any of this happened for you (as it did during my 7 years) than it wasn't worthless.  It isn't MMA, but you can take valuable lessons from TKD and other TMA and apply them to MMA & MMA training.

"if he didnt get that kick in it wouldve been him getting KO'd for sure."

LMFAO yea sure buddy.

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