Herring Vs. Congo

This match up is undoubtedly going to make viewers want to gouge their eyes out while Arlovsky and Diego Sanchez are fighting (not each other) in dark matches.

This is a genious move by the UFC.

Herring will beat Kongo.

Kong has zero take down defense or ground game.

Lmao at "congo"

Heath takes this one! But I agree in general with the sentiment. I think Arlovski's there because he may be out of the UFC after this fight.

This fight will only be worth watching,if Kongo gives Heath a big kiss.

Id learn towards Charles Kongo.

He has a wrestling backround. People assume he doesnt because Carmello Marrero took him down and controlled him but Marrero's wrestling is very very good. That makes Chris Volo's performance in their match even more impressive to me.

Heath is big enough to get this down. If he's smart he'll win in 2 rounds.

I don't think either guy is a top fighter, Herring by being less one deminsional.

From: WhiteDevil

Date: 02/14/08 09:06 PM
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Herring isn't taking anyone down. Here is his gameplan:
Throw goofy kicks, punch from 15 feet away and have no defense. Kongo is going to KO him and get a title shot.

This is THE most accurate post I have ever read on the UG.

Thank You sir.

Cheik is definitely going to take this one by superior striking. Then he will get the next title shot against Nog and get submitted in round 1.

I never understood Heath's strategy. He used to have a solid ability to stay composed and then explode on guys and up the pressure and overwhelm them. Then he started just completely going nuts with slow kicks and fearfull punching.

He's been doing like 8 years of thai with GG, I dont know whats up. He's always had solid sub defense too but it doesnt seem like he's improved enough.


I am sure Congo's wrestling is the shit in France but it doesn't cut it in the UFC. Didn't Cro Cop take him down and mount him?

I cant believe they have KONGO listed as #10 heavyweight in the world....basically for getting a fluke win over Crocop.

Kongo should win. Not because he's good but Heath, besides the one kick on Nog, just hasn't looked good for a very long time.

Kongo has improved very much on the ground and his take down defense he will be well prepared for this fight..

Isn?t Heath training with Laimon now? If so, then I am sure his grappling has improved.

" What fight were you watching? Kongo dominated that fight from start to finish, he pushed crocop around like a little girl."

Don't twist the truth to fit your argument.

Cro Cop clearly won round 1.

MAn I would love to see the Heath of about five years ago come back.