Hey Everyone, From KUWAIT!

Sup Ya'll!
I finally got to log on to the UG from over here in the desert. Wow! I don't know what to say but it really sucks over here.I currently work for the Department of Defense. I arrived in Doha, Qatar on
December 2nd and was contracted there til 3 days ago when I was transfered to Kuwait. The past 2 months have been depressing, long and dry. The news back home
shows you very little of what goes on here(of course).
I just hope you guys appreciate the quality of life we have in the states and the freedom it allows. You can't do shit here! Anyways, I missed the last UFC and
have absolutely NO MMA reading material here. I miss my family so much it brings morale down here for all of us. Tension is always high cause you never know what the hell is gonna happen and when. All you can do is lift weights, run (very limited area), and count the days til you go home. I'll be home the end of April. THANK GOD! I sure did miss this place for the past few and hopefully will get to log on frequently from now on. All of you guys can write to me if you wish via this thread, if not, KIRIK has my APO address if you'd like to write a personal letter.
I 'll still be 27 when I get back and definately in shape. PROMOTERS? Haha You know I'll be down for a fight when I get back! I miss my lady, the food sucks, the hours suck, believe me, I Can't wait to fight again! GOD Bless ya and Take care of yourselves!

Sean Sullivan

have fun over there April is right around the corner.... Do they still have the Pizza Shieks over there?

Jim de


Anyone wants to write I am v happy to forward!

My Address is:

Mixed Martial Arts LLC

460 West Street

Amherst, MA 01002

God bless you and all the proud men and women serving us there in this war.


Take Care, and come on home safe!



be safe

What's up man, don't know you but I'm in Iraq right now. I've been here since last april and I'm set to leave soon.I will be in Kuwait soon to get equipment ready for re-deployment home.I cant wait to get home to start training!Get back at me maybe we can talk in Kuwait. sakupac20@hotmail.com

don't be shootin dubs on any suicide bombers


Thanx for everything guys!
Special Thanx to kirik and Casca Grossa for the gifts!

Mad hugz 2 all of ya!

Sean Sullivan

ttt for our military folks


I'm at Camp Arifjan, KU. Been here 10 months, and am looking to head home within the next couple months. All I can say is get used to amazon.com, buy.com, sherdog.com, etc, and get yourself all the fight DVDs you've never seen before. I must have bought 30 since I've been here.

Best of luck, and thanks for doing your part in this thing. The time moves right along, even though it may not seem it yet.


Thanx again. Sup Jaydee! Mad props to ya buddy.
This thread is kinda of a don't forget about us thread , ya know. People are really upset at Randy Couture's Loss and Matt Hughes' chokeout. I started this thread to help them think of something else while we help them through their depression.....

:)GOD Bless!


Hey Hotlanta you ever make it to baghdad get in touch I have been here or abouts since march. Jason

All of you guys be careful and get home safe. We need all the fighters here that we can get, and your efforts are not forgotten

Thanks a ton for doing what you're doing. I know alot of people back here that really appreciate it.

Take care and be safe.

They have begun selling Fightsport magazines in some of the PX's in Kuwait and Baghdad.