hip adduction machine? Useless?

As part of my leg workout I use the hip adduction machine at the end. Thought maybe it might be benefical to guard work or something but I have a feeling I may be wasting my time.

Your time would be better spent barbell squatting.

i agree with hertswenip. target exercises are for bodybuilders. squats and deadlifts make you stronger.

 I don't totally agree that an isolation exercise has no value except for bodybuilders. It depends on many things. When I work with Hockey players and Short Track speed skaters I will often rotate this movement in and out of our workout schedule as it can be an effective one for these athletes IMHO.


How about you get off that equipment and let the hottie in her short shorts use it?

 Yeah...on a side note a freind of mine used to call these the "Good Girl - Bad Girl"  or "yes" "No" machines. I always thought that was funny.


Agree with taku - "isolation" work does have its time and place, even for athletes.

But for most people, until they have developed adequate strength levels in compound movements like the barbell squat- the adduction machine has little to no merit.

not a fan.
squat deep and stretch instead.

Squats and deads make you stronger, but it's different movement. I certainly wouldn't do them in place of either of them, but if they are used as a supplemental excercise I think they're beneficial. closed guard

Not a waste of time. Variety is good.