"Hitman in Havasu" May 1st

Cannon and Ray have two things in common, they both Love to fight and put on a show!

Connie and Chuck, I will be there to cover the event and get pictures.

Oh $hi^,
Vince and Andy are bad men.

I think I will fake an injury so I don't have to roll with the big dogs. (I already have a rib injury in my back. I think that will work as an excuse)Lol.

KrazyMike- I will see you here brother.

The rest of you guys and gals are always welcome to come by and train. Pounders Fight Center 1849 W. Acoma blvd. Lake Havasu City Az.

TTT for the fighters!!!

chuck you are the man, agreed to take us out on the town and on his boat, im telling you guys, he is one hell of a promoter and a hell of a person...see you soon chuck

Hey chuck and Connie Call me at 602-434-8968 or shoot me a e-mail at del_hawkins@hotmail.com I need to know if I am on the card or not. I have spoken to John about all my medicals and Colorado is sending them to John themselves.


i want to see what comes of this one!!
ray elbe vs shannon ritch

i want that fight to happen in a special show that i know about.... you guys need to settle whatever money situation you have and get it on in the XCF or EFC!!!



Meals email me

TTT for XFC and Hitman

TTT for the Fighters & the Fans :)

TTT for holding an event with one of my guys in it on a weekend I can't make it. Did I cause that much comotion last time?

Supercross finals and Jenn's B-Day in Vegas



klye are you going to havasu, i have some pictures for you and steve, from hawaii

Kyle, from what I read, Ray is not implying that you were involved in a work at all! I think you misread his post. He's suggesting that the Cannon paid him to take a fall.

I guess Chris wants to hang with some Supercross stars. I wish he could be here. Maybe Evolution on the 28th. Oops, did I let the cat out of the bag. As far as the Az drama stuff I try to keep clear of it.
Now the shits infecting my thread. You will have to do the Ritch vs Elbe thing in someone elses show. It aint gonna' happen here.

TTT for the fighters

ps Ray will be here, fighting, on May 1st

Chuck email me @ teamwildman@charter.net I have a few guys ready.

Thomas"The Wildman"Denny