"Hitman in Havasu" May 1st

Ray everyone makes mistakes, it is how the deal with them that matters. You sound like you are owning up to it and that I respect. Shannon, You threatened another mans wife (mom)? Ray must be nicer than some of us;)

TTT for ray and kyle 2 cool guys Keep your heads up
and keep kicking azz!!!



200 hundred is nothing...

fight for a straight paycheck with a guarantee of nothing. you guys are both going to have some great intensity which i know is going to involve one of you getting your ass kicked, and isn't that what fans want to see?



ttt for xcf and a great event... i cant wait to see you guys on april 10th...

ttt for pounders fight team too!

Chuck and Connie?

what is going on with the "CUBES" event
scheduled for May 28th at the celebrity?
Is it on? Thank you,
Please e-mail me at pridefighter11@hotmail.com
I have a couple of questions.

Best of luck.
Shannon "The Cannon"

a big thank you to chuck, for having me over this last week. really nice gym,full of a bunch of great guys..

wildman - I sent out an Email. Let me know who is ready so we can handle the licensing stuff.

Shannon - The Evolution show is moving forward. Cube is handling the card and stuff. We are just being hired to run the show and make sure everybody gets paid and stuff. I have a couple of openings for May 1st. Send your fighters stats to me at XCF@npgcable.com and I will see what I can do.

Vince - Thank you brother! For sharing your knowledge with me and my guys. You are always welcome here.

Hitman Fight gears "Havoc in Havasu III" May 1st.
The Sands Resort Events Center, Lake Havasu City Az. 1-800-521-0360 reserve your seats now.

We have a couple of spots open from 145lbs to 205 lbs and the card is everchanging. send me your fighters stats at XCF@npgcable.com

Thanks y'all

Pair him up with one of my guys


TTT faster than you

he's the king of the fucking kimura....

ttt for XCF...they're awesome people.

Chris Brennan is the sexiest man alive. He touched me on my way to the cage at the last XCF event. Erections and nut cups dont mix.

Ummm... that is very disturbing.

Disturbing...... but TRUE!!!

i thought that was sweat in the ring, fulton you sick man..lol