home dip station

Has anyone ever built their own dip station for cheap, like going to a home improvement store for materials? If so how and what did you do?

If you've got the room for a dip station just find an anchor point in the ceiling and hang some adjustable rings.

Pull ups, dips, suspended pull ups, body rows, and eventually muscle ups.

Much better than just a dip station but only if you've got the room.

You could also just make a dip station out of some sawhorses.

I use a chain hung over two struts in my ceiling with two nylon tye downs hooked into it for the hand holds.

I'm also planning on hanging a 15' chain in my garage to climb since I don't have a rope.

look to buy a used walker.

i got one at a salvation army for 5 bucks.


Mule, Thanks for the response. Not to drop the dip station plan but I've always been interested in rings. I have never used them before. Do you have to buy rings and some kind of nylon straps at a specialty shop? I would love to be able to do muscle-ups. I do dips just fine but I'm no pull-up champ....."yet".

Check this out.


I use the backs of two folding chairs for a dip station. Rings would be way cooler, though.

I can't do muscle ups either.

But you can do a quick search on google for power rings.

I've used them and I like them.

i want to build some like really high paralettes based on the crossfit plans. maybe use three feet of pipe for the vertical parts. i have a dip station but it feels too wide for me, and i like to change things up from using rings (have a stable base once in awhile)

I saw a set of sawhorses that folded up flat for storage. They could hold deveral hundered pounds. try and do a google search. They were around $30. A solid set of wood bar stools would be great too. Easier on the hands since the seat is flat and a little higher and sturdier than chairs.

After listening to everyones advice I want to build a dip station and hang some rings, seems like they each have their own benefits and drawbacks.

go to reselite.com and check out their gymnastic stuff , nice mats too.

nylabone dog rings and some straps or chains

or just put two same height chairs next to each other for dips. hell just do it in the corner of a kitchen countertop

LOL@ the used walker. I used to do that. (Grandma RIP)