Horn looked unreal!!!

Got a body lock, did a Matt Hughes "walk you to my corner and slam the hell out of you" slam, and then opened up a huge cut on Sonnen with an elbow for the TKO win.

Horn's last 2 fight has has DOMINATED both David Loiseau and Chael Sonnen. If the UFC doesn't give him a shot they are stupid.


Seriously, what's a guy got to do?!

That sucks.

Horn should be in the UFC or Pride. He should have been all along.

Fuck the UFC........Horn needs to be in Japan getting paid.

Glad he won so convincigly.

Ever think we'll see Horn vs Baroni or will the weight keep them seperated?

Zuffa are acting like a bunch of stupid pricks about the Horn situation. Its still about the grudge from contract negotiations back from the Elvis fight. He has beaten some TOP fighters, and could easily be their 185 champ. If they dont give him a shot now they are just plain stupid.

It's not "all" Zuffas fault.............

Chuck did not want a Liddell/Horn II, and Tito ducked him bigtime. I think he would be an awesome fight for Couture.

I must agree.. Horn should be given another shot in the big shows.

Zuffa step up..

"the weight wont keep them separated,,,zuffa will keep them separated"

Besides his first fight in The UFC Phil has been matched up pretty tough, IMO.

Dave Menne ex-champ at 185 lbs

Amar Suloev who is vastly underrated

Matt Lindland twice

Evan Tanner soon to be twice

What's so cream puff about that record?

I can guarantee you, no matter how much Dana likes Phil's "flair" ... he isn't protecting him at all.

Oh, and BTW ... Yes, Horn does deserve to be fighting in the top events, no doubt about it.

Horn vs Babalu

Rematch in Pride for starters....

I would like to see horn vs henderson, or horn vs minotoro, in pride.

Horn vs Sakuraba!

Horn would be another fighter to naturally big for sak.

Horn V Busta!

That would be a great fight.

JHoooooooo, Jhooooooooo.

"he needs to fight some high calibur fighters"


That's the whole point of getting him back in the big show...

By the way, that comment is sure to piss off the high calibre fighters that Jeremy's already fought... ;)


Really dumb question, but how do you pronounce "Chael"?

"Fuck the UFC........Horn needs to be in Japan getting paid.

Glad he won so convincigly."

TTT for Horn gettin paid.