How do you rank 1-3 in all time FW rankings?

Jose Aldo had the longest run, but the way he lost to Conor and Max 2x was pretty brutal

Volk 5 defenses, that one Max decision was super questionable, and he was KO’d pretty bad by Topuria

Max 3 defenses, fantastic resume’ and beat all the guys Volk did, but looked better doing it (in most cases) and lost his belt in the best possible way you can lose your title

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If I had to be in the 1-3 range in all time FW rankings, I’d be 3.

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I’m going exactly that order Aldo, Volk, Max. I honestly wouldn’t really argue anyone’s order though you can make cases for every guy to be #1

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It’s a tricky one to rank.

Volk has big wins over the other two, but besides Max himself most of his wins were against people Max already destroyed.

Max has the overall deepest resume.

Aldo has all the records.

Max can make it clear by winning the title again but will have to avoid getting Tony’d by Gaethje first.


This right here. Absolutely



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Is in the top 10-12 maybe.

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I wish but no, pioneer for the small weight classes #1, he’s in my top 5 for favorite fighters ever tho

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Volk number 1 seeing as he beat both of the other guys on the list.

Other two you can argue.

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Yes but do you put Izzy over Ando since Izzy beat him?

No but I put Bigfoot over Fedor.


Trevor Berbick beat Ali too. Hector Camacho beat Duran twice.

Eh, but Volk beat those two in their primes. It’s more equivalent to Weidman. Do you rank him above Silva because he beat him twice or do you go with Silva because he did more overall and for a lot longer?

Or to go with your boxing theme, do you rank Jermain Taylor over Hopkins because he beat him twice, ignoring that Hopkins has a way better overall resume?

I was responding to the assertion that Anderson Silva should be somehow ranked all-time below Izzy because of their head-to-head fight in the twilight of Silva’s career.

I know. But all those examples are post prime vs. young, which of course can’t be counted the same way. Volk’s wins were prime, which gives him a better argument. That’s what makes this a tricky division to rank.

I’m not talking about Volk. I’m responding to the assertion that Izzy should be ranked above Anderson. That was the post that I was responding to.

I was referring to @anon22089824

The Izzy-Anderson post was made in the context of the topic at hand. He was using it to say that head to head wins aren’t everything and that overall body of work has to be considered. It didn’t cross my mind that you didn’t understand that and were taking it literally :rofl:.