How good is Antoine Skinner?

What's Skinner's background and how good is he?

He is a good wrestler and his stand up is improving daily. He doesnt mind getting punched, its just like anyone, he had not had much experience in the stand up game. Check out his last fight in superbrawl and you will see that he is not scared to stand and bang.

By the way, he is most likely the strongest fighter in the world at 145-155. He is freak strong with over a 400lbs. bench press and other accomplishments. This guy continues to improve and his submission defense has gotten much much better also. Give him another year of training and he will be VERY tough to handle.

Skinner is tough as fuck.

Makato Ishikawa caught him in a few armbars hat looked like he was going to end up taking Skinner's arm home with him, and Skinner just squirmed out.

He also has a very tough chin.

Very very tough fighter, who is hard to finish, and has good cardio. (and that combo is the worst to have to fight against imo)


Skinner is tough as hell and a very nice guy as well. Before all of his fights I have seen him, I have noticed that he has always made it a point to get to know the guy he was going against.

Chas Bowling manages as well as trains him

i saw his last two fights. he is a very good wrestler.
his stand up has gotten better. he loves to slam people.

chas, send me that list of fighters

Antoine is a stud.

His son could be a poster child for the ideal kid, very polite and well spoken..., thats says more about Antoine than any fight record ever could.

Beyond that, I would spar with him for the learning experience but I wouldn't want to fight him.=)

Very good strength, good chin, good wrestling skills, improving submissions, as well as, his hand speed. Has a good mix of experience, local and Japan.

Lots of potenial

Jeff Malott

Sorry to put my nose into a thread that I cannot add anything to...but Paul Sharp, what's up bro? Remember me? I was with Kosta Korres at the XFO. How is training going? Any fights planned? Hope all is well.

Can take down. Lost to Jay Estrada in the IHC!

He's fighting in New Orleans, La. on July 10th!!

The match with Jay was rockin'. Antoine must be fighting once a month, if not more. Thats an intense schedule.

I definitely remember you dude. I was looking for you at the last IHC but Eric said you were injured. Just started training again June 6th, after rehabbing the arm injury for eternity. Nothing lined up yet but definitely looking forward to getting back in there. Good to hear from you, hope you're getting better and ready to rock.

-Paul Sharp


I saw him fight twice at the IHC, very strong but looked to me as if he was too confortable sitting in his opponets gaurd eating the clock for the decision. But I have only seen him 2 times. Eric Newell (team corral/torres submission fighting)


How did Jay beat him. Could he take Skinner down or just defend the takedown and keep him standing?

I can't remember, but from what I recall was that Jay did a pretty good job of wrestling with him and reversing position.

I want to say he also had a couple of near subs.

Neither. He turned him from his guard, and its the only time Ive ever seen it happen. No disrespect to Jay or his camp because I am good friends with his manager. However, Skinner along with many other fighters complained about the slickness of the ring surface that night. Antoine, said every time he posted to pass or move it felt like he was fighting on ice and had no traction or base whatsoever. It was the worst perfomance I have ever seen out of Skinner, and with the rules of Shooto, you are awarded points for catches. Jay was awarded a catch in the first round when Skinner gave up his back to escape from being turned. He was in NO DANGER of the choke, having wrist control. However, the ref gave Jay a catch and a point. Once again no disrespect intended at all to Jay because he is a very good fighter. Although, Skinner would LOVE a rematch and I would be willing to wager on a different outcome.

Chas Bowling/Manager Team WOLFPACK

Who is Skinner fighting in New Orleans?