how good IS dennis kang anyway?

his record is 22-7-1 according to sherdog.

he hasnt lost since 2003 when he met the mighty mayhem jason miller and went down.

he also has lost to joe doerkson and joe slick among others.

so how far has he come and how far can he go?

as far as paulo filho imo, then he goes down!

i agree with you about the Filho fight

i think Kang beats everyone else , with the exception of Filho and Hendo

i think Filho and Hendo will be tough fights for Kang, but he has the skills to beat them for sure

Kang is gonna destroy Filho if he can keep it standing

Very good

he cant keep paulo from doing anything he wants.

he wants it on the mat, it goes down!!!!!

Kang is pretty great, and Ninja is not nearly as good as a lot of people think. A combination of those 2 factors lead to last night's quick demolition.

Ninja does seem to be in a downward slide. But still Rampage couldn't put him away and Kang made it look easy. Very impressive. Paulo's chin didn't really get tested in his fight, can he take a shot from Kang in order to get the take down? That's going to decide the fight right there.

Denis has great Hands as everyone saw last night.
What some ppl don't understand is Denis is a BJJ Black belt and a very good one at that.
He also has great takedowns.
He will beat Filho if they meet.




i hear things from the training at att sometimes and i hear dennis kang is as legit as they come, and ninja is a formadable opponent for anyone imo. i just think dennis's superior striking seemed to overwhelm him, i think from wathcing some of his fights and what i hear, dennis is as well rounded as they come, hes is a blackbelt but he is not like majority of black belts who stay on their back, if u give him space he gets back to his feet fast to improve his position, that guy deserves to be their as much as anyone in my opinion, and i think he has a good chance of winnning the tourney.

Kang looks like he may be one of the newest complete fighters in the game.

He has improved leaps and bounds. Def not the same guy that lost to Mayhem, and Mayhem is no slouch but I think Kang takes the rematch handily.

I know this won't happen, but I'd love to see Kang vs. Franklin in the UFC.....

Denis will win the GP.

Can't wait to see him fight Hendo!!

Kang received his black belt last year and has serious striking abilities. His fight with Doerksen is probably the most action packed fight i've ever seen. He only tapped in the triangle because his jaw was broken.


He is certainly a quality fighter, but definitely not at the top in the division. Anyone can be caught with one big shot, and that is exactly what happened in the Ninja fight. It is highly debatable that Kang even won the fight with Somenev. The Kang hype is way exagerated at the moment, which is typical on the UG. Anyone can get caught with a big shot.

Paulo Filho would take Kang down with ease. If you recall, Somenev was taking Kang down fairly handily, and Filho is just a little better, you think. I think it would be a mismatch.

i think he is a great fighter, great subs and great striker...