How good was Marvin Hagler?

Hagler vs Hearns

grady - incredible.
Hoooooly shit.

First time seeing that.

I really enjoyed the Vhs fabulous four. Hagler, hearns, SRL and Roberto Duran rivalry. All their fights and some classic interviews. Would recommend anybody to watch Phone Post 3.0

The guy was five foot nine with a 75 inch reach, a chin carved from granite, and fucking hammers in his hands. If you were going to create a boxer he's pretty much exactly what you would want the finished product to look like. Phone Post

Also he was named fighter of the decade for the 1980s. Not exactly a 10 year stretch of weak competition in the sport. Phone Post

First fight I watched of his was the 2nd Antuofermo fight, my god. He became my favorite fighter after he fucked up the cocky Syrian right after that.

One of the best middleweights of all time imo. I feel like he never got a fair shake. Had to wait years for a title fight (something like 40 fights I believe) then got screwed in his first title fight(bad decsion). Then when he finally won it he was booed right outta the arena. Smashed Hearns, then got jerked around by Leonard and screwed again on the decision(my opinion) bottom line is the dude fought tough, beat people up on the inside and was very intimidating. During what many consider one of boxings legendary eras he was one of the best. Phone Post

Pro Ice - 

Arguably the best Mw ever 

Yep, hard to cross era's and compare but he will always be very near the top of all the MW's to ever fight. Just a complete Bad ASS

He also started the bic'd head craze for guys. The champ shaved his head, in an era of flat tops and fades.. so everyone followed suit. Anything else would be un civilized.

Could box, slug and brawl..not many can do all 3 like he did.


The 2nd goat in history no 1 ray Robinson Phone Post 3.0

Everything seems like it was better when you were, society, etc. Maybe true, maybe not. Boxing, though, was awesome then. Hagler was a huge part of that era. I loved watching him. Phone Post 3.0

Hagler is incredible. My personal favorite of all time for boxers. Phone Post

Bobby Razak - The 2nd goat in history no 1 ray Robinson Phone Post 3.0

No can top Sugar Ray Robinson Phone Post

Claimed to not lift weights. Phone Post 3.0

Will any era in combat sports compare to what boxing had in the '80s??? Phone Post 3.0

best era for that weight class... I think he would of somethered b-hop...


Malvert the Janitor - He was marvelous. Phone Post 3.0
Vtfu Phone Post 3.0

grady - incredible.


Top 6-7 all time middleweight. Hagler fought out of Brockton, MA not Philadelphia.