how many of you....

workout with a spotter/training partner? At least for the bench press??

Not I. The squat rack is your friend. Although if you're going to be benching heavy, a spotter is a very good idea.

I do..but thats because I go to my trainers house to workout.

Nope. Can't find a trainer to come to my basement at 4:00 AM.

Safety pins have saved my life more than once. I never have a spotter because my friends are a bunch of pussies..

Off topic, but -- I'm planning on moving later this year, and you can bet your ass the first thing I'm looking for is a badass PL gym in the area. Theres guys I talk to on other boards that train in some hardcore gyms and their numbers just skyrocket. Bench press from 275 to 405 in less than a year, bodyweight from 218 to 275 in 6 months. No gear, no joke.

If I use a spotter, my shoulder gets hurt more often. So no spotter for me. I have someone there, but they don't spot reps for bench.

I dont. I typically dont bench that much, but one is available.

When I bench I get a spotter. Not heavy but just in case anything happens.

I'm also at a OL club so there are plenty of people about to spot.


never. If i work out with someone, the might stand there as though they were spotting, but they don't and that's how i prefer it.


I always lift alone,4:00am is to early for most.Use dumbells on bench if you don't have a spotter.