How much do you stretch for your BJJ?

I'm curious as to how much you stretch?How much time per day/week, type of stretches, would you consider yourself flexible or have a game based on flexibility, etc? Phone Post 3.0

White belt.. Very flexible. Basic static stretches mixed with dynamic jiu jitsu type movements... I stretch after class 3x a week and at least 2x more on my off days. It really helps with mobility, recovery and enhances proprioception (awareness of body in space.) The reason dogs and cats can go full sprint without a warmup and not get injured is because they do YOGA throughout the day. They constantly stretch and move dynamically in patterns they normally use in their daily lives.

Used to stretch a lot, could do front and side splits. Got lazy and stopped so lost a lot of flexibility which sucks but I've got no one but myself to blame Phone Post 3.0

Show up to class 10 minutes late, touch toes for 5 seconds, good to go.

not nearly enough. I'm pretty flexible in the hips naturally but my back and legs are a tight mess. I really should do more.

Not much at all. Used to do more. I haven't seen any difference in injuries, I just am not as flexible playing with my guard. Phone Post 3.0

I think stretching, as generally thought of, is a mistake.

Always always stretch - for 20 minutes after each class and most non- training days. I think it's key if you want to continue training as you get older

Always amazes me that the guys I train with will do a good warm up but never bother to stretch and warm down Phone Post 3.0

Setree - I think stretching, as generally thought of, is a mistake.
Explain please. Phone Post 3.0

Foam roller, them basic stretches starting from my neck & working my way down. I do some motion drills...pendulum, neck rolls, flow roll with myself Phone Post 3.0

My groin/hip flexibility is pretty bad. So I've become a go to the knees guy rather than guard retention.

I'm really interested in trying to fix this, finally, after years of not doing anything to help.

I saw this YouTube clip of this extremely fat girl dropping into a straight split during a dance to Beyoncé. I do not understand how she can do that, but I can't touch my toes... Phone Post 3.0

Not nearly enough... from the hips up, my flexibility is good, but my legs, especially my hamstrings, are very tight. I've been telling myself for years and years that I need to work on it, but I never get around to it. I know that my game could be much more dynamic if I fixed this glaring problem in my training.

Nowhere near enough.

My wife is training to be a Yoga instructor andI've been her test subject.

It was embarrassing.

Ever see a Lion stretch out before he tackles a gazelle, man? Phone Post 3.0

Hip twist stretch, splits, toes over head, seated splits leaning to each foot, body bridge handstand just cause it feels cool to do. 10 min total maybe.

5 minute set routine pre training. I should start stretching post training as well. Phone Post 3.0

I like to warm my body up then stretch and feel like it prevents injuries for me.

I remember reading a study that measured the explosiveness or either sprinters or weight lifters with and without stretching and the group that did not stretch retained far more power than the stretching group.

I may have just made that up or dreamed it though. Phone Post 3.0

I think it is an interesting topic. When your muscles are extremy tensed you will have a hard time stretching or at least you will stretch the tissue and create microtrauma which isn´t necessary good for your body and your regeneration.

The real goal you want to achieve are relaxed muscles. As more your muscles can relax as more your are able to stretch you don´t even feel the urge to strech since there are no tight muscles.....

So for me breathing exercises, Foam roller and certain slow muscle tension release exercises are more important to be flexible than the actual stretches.

Zero stretching. Warmup only. Phone Post 3.0 Phone Post 3.0