how much pain are you in?

i got a great massage today, and for an hour afterwards i was completely free of all pain. it made me realize how much i deal with on a daily basis.

my knee locks out if i sit for more than twenty minutes. my arm goes numb about once a week. my neck is sore all day and night, and the list goes on.

i fucking love and hate this sport for this.

are you like me?

Yup... The few times I have a week off from training (usually because of injury), the body starts feeling normal and I become acutely aware of how many aches I usually carry around. I can sometimes understand that Mark Kerr started overusing painkillers.

deep tissue. i get one once a week. this time, i tried a new girl and she was awesome. she pointed out some shit about my body that no one would know unless i told them

120 for an hour and a half at my house

the number of times my arm goes numb has gone down from every time i hit the mats to once a week. thats an improvement for me

My right elbow won't go to a full 180 degrees anymore.

damn 120?? u better get a happy ending after that

Pretty much everything. Just wait for what you have coming :-)

change your diet ck you,see if that helps.not trying to be funny

It is hard to go back to training after a couple of months off because I feel so good with no pain...its a nice change of pace.

I high-kicked Hashi's elbow last night...limped so hard on my right leg that my right knee started hurting. Yeah, I love this sport. :)

If only a week would make stuff go away.

Yeah, I understand all of you guys...I've been dying to get a massage from a good massage therapist...I'm definitely going to look into soon...Time constraints have made things difficult...

Every once in a few weeks, I get tendonitis on the back of both of my knees...Ibuprofen help with that during training...

All of the other aches and pains have become customary...I wouldn't feel normal if I didn't have pain....

Some of you are masochists IMO, I used to be one too, but hey do whatever works for you.

If i paid $120 for a half hour I'd definately expect a release with that. 

But to answer your original question.  I'm in pain daily, but it's very manageable at this point so it's whatever.  Shoulder, knee, right thumb, left foot, sometimes neck. 

I can't do deep, low shots cuz my knee won't bend like that anymore. Shoulder clicks and pops all the time, and my pulled groin muscle flares up constantly.

But I can never see me not training.

hour and a half

i'm pretty jacked up, yeah.

I see you're fat. I hear fat makes you go, "Ow" sometimes too.

my left knee needs to be scoped badly (since March) and the wait time in Canada is certainly shitty at times. My right elbow is also a little fucked from a tourney 2 years ago. It sucks but I'd rather be in pain than not train at all.

Back pain daily & have been out about a month & a half due to a groin muscle tear or hernia. Going back to the doctor to make sure. Initially diagnosed as severe ligament sprain.

thats where youve been.  a ha.  conor fights this weekend.


and i am losing weight.  thanks for caring guys