How much weight loss is healthy???

How much weight loss in a short period of time is healthy and ideal??

When I get motivated I go on a VERY strict diet and exercise like a maniac...I lose a lot of weight ( water weight I presume )in a short period of this healthy?

I read somewhere that you are suppose to only lose about 1-4 pounds a week???

I had dropped like 10lbs in a week and was wondering if that was a good thing or not??

ONE THING sure does go on a lot faster than it comes off. I had lost about 15 pounds in 2 and a half weeks one time, then ate a lot of junk for ONE week and it was ALL back on....


Wasn't it Gen. Patton that said, " I hate paying for real estate twice!" I feel that way about my weight.......

2 pounds of fat per week is the healthy standard for most people. For me it takes way longer for it to come on.

you are lucky indeed!

Thanks for the reply..