How would Yoel vs Khamzat go?

Who would win

Khabib :laughing:

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I’ll take Khamzat.

Yoel has horrible fight IQ and Khamzat superior wrestling. Yoel is dangerous in spurts but if he’s not KO’ing someone he doesn’t really put together much of a sustained attack otherwise.


Depends if Khamzat fights aggressively or not. I really can’t picture him taking the fight to Romero like he did Holland.

This is a great style matchup up and hard to pick a winner.

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Khamzat takes him down and submits him

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High kick ko

I could see this happening. Khamzat closes the distance, uses his lanky frame against the cage to get a slow, grinding take down and eventually takes Romero’s back for a RNC or arm triangle

damn i’d love to see that. i love watching both guys. my prediction is the fight would be super weird. yoel has a talent for that.

Lol thinking khazmat is a better wrestler than Yoel. Anything can happen but his pedigree isn’t there


He’s Russian. That means he has the edge

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Probably something like Yoel KO3. Though they’re both natural 185ers, Khamzat is used to fighting smaller men and would struggle.

Ya’ll are crazy, Yoel would fucking kill him.


I think Khamzat wins a decision, with Yoel gaving a late flurry, but not enough to get it done, as is his usual when he loses

Yep, an absolute fucking SLAUGHTER.

That fucking guy went LIFE AND DEATH with Gilbert “Who?” Burns. Romero would beat Cumzot, that other hillbilly who just won the 155 belt, Khabib AND Burns all in the same night.

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Khamzat wouldn’t take that fight. He only likes fighting smaller guys.

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What an amazing fight that would be.

I am as high on Khamzat as anyone but Romero is his kryptonite

Kaz is not on yoels level. Romero would beat him standing, or on the ground.

Doesn’t matter though. Kaz would not accept the fight.

what a fight

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I find it funny when people say Khamzat is gonna ragdoll or steamroll this fighter or that fighter because he slung Keven Holland all over the octagon.
The chances him slinging Yoel anywhere is zero. It would be a great fight though. Nice matchup bit Yoel is very hit or miss. Never know which fighter we’ll get