Huerta/Guida = FOTY

Maybe it's just because it's fresh in my mind, but I can't think of any better fight this year.

Baroni Shamrock has my vote.

can't think of a better fight all year. definitely gets my vote. although i would have liked to see clay win, i don't feel like he lost because they both showed such heart.

after last night, clay and roger were BOTH winner in my book.

I think it was Fight of The Year as well. It was exciting right up till the end...

It's to bad someone had to lose that fight

"not even fight of the night."

WTF? You must be joking.

"Gomi v. Diaz"

That was really good, but Gomi turning into a drunken retard about 3 minutes into the fight sort of takes it down a notch for me.

"Baroni v. Shamrock"

That was a great fight. I think I just prefer the higher workrate and mobility that the lightweights offer.

yes, fight of the year.  not quite as technically good as edgar vs. griffen but definitely enough excitement too surpass it

Shamrock/Baroni was great but honestly it really only had a couple good moments -- Shamrock miming going to sleep and then dropping Phil, and then the finish. The fight also lacked in significance.

Gomi/Diaz was great but like TC said, Gomi's bizarre performance hurt it, as did the fact that it was non-title (and was overturned entirely).

For me it's between Huerta/Guida and Edgar/Griffin. Griffin/Edgar was crisper and more technical, but the wildness, see-saw action and awesome finish of Guida/Huerta put it over the top for me, as did the satisfaction of seeing all the "Huerta will be exposed/brutalized/murdered" proven wrong.

UFC 79 and Yarrenoka might have some contenders, too. WEC, too, for that matter.

A definite very strong candidate


I don't agree with you on much concering this fight and the posts that you've made but you are soooo correct when you say:

"after last night, clay and roger were BOTH winner in my book."

You sir hit the nail on the head...


Fo Sho

well here is soem thigns that will go against it

  1. Two B level fighters haveing a life and death struggle against each other

  2. round 1 which is more than a third of the fight was average.

My Pick for fight of the year is Sylvia vs Couture

Pound For Pound there was more action in Huerta/Guida but i had no rooting itnerest in the fight and could have cared less who won. Couture/Sylvia was a title fight between two elite fighters with good action and INCREDIBLE ENVIRONMENT.


They Get Round of The year though

The Guillotine is certifiably insane.

i think Couture's best fight of the year was Gonzaga.

Some photos now up at FoxSports. More to come tommorrow at InsideFighting.

I agree it was an awesome fight, IMO one of the top 5 fights of the year. Again, imo I would give fight of the night to J-Roc/Koppenahver. Hats off to all four guys though, thanks for giving us such great fights to watch.

P.S. Were the fight of the night bonuses 40k each or do you know if it was different because it wasn't a PPV card?

Right on. Fight of the year for sure.

"I would give fight of the night to J-Roc/Koppenahver."

That was a very good fight, but way too much of it was just taken up with one guy sitting in the other's guard not doing much except bleeding. It didn't have the constant motion of Guida/Huerta.

BTW I only seen Couture/Sylvia once in a bar. So maybe the alcohol and the atmosphere made the fight better than it was BUT that's my fight of the year

Maybe in the low end of the top 20 or 30 matches of the year, we've had quite a few top notch MMA matches in 07. Shamrock vs Baroni or Diaz vs Gomi are for sure numbers 1 & 2. Couture! is near the top as well.

J-Roc vs Koppenhaver deserves FOTN imo. That was war.

Bottom line it was a great fight.

Baroni vs Shamrock

It delivered on the hype and build-up