Huerta vs Guida... WOW!!!!!!!

That is a tough one to call and I can't wait for this fight. I imagine them getting fight of the night.


I predict a heated UG debate on this one. Even after the fight, as to who won.

Guida? Guida remind me who he is? damn I have a shitty memory...I have senn almost every UFC and fight night........errrr!!!

should be a great fight....guida is the favorite IMO but wouldn't be surprised if Huerta won.

I will be very surprised if Huerta wins this.

Huerta is very underestimated by many. He will beat Guida in a great fight.

I am also taking Huerta.

That one's a toss up. I wouldn't be surprised to see the lines on that one even. I like both guys but my gut says Clay in another war, UD.

Guys who's Guida again?, what UFC or fight night did he fight and who...this is a serious memory dump

he fought Tyson Griffin in a FOTY candidate

guida and Griffin have fought way tougher competition than stevenson's
run. Those two are top 5 in the lw division. Florian should fight griffin

There's so many good match-ups at 155

Guida by 3 rounds of destruction.

Guida by 3 rounds of ground and pound!!!!!

this needs to be a 5 rounder.......

Buddy i have seen every UFC since the 1st one, I have also seen every fight night and i have seen 50% of all prides...I already stated my memory sucks, instead of being a dick just answer my question so i can start drooling like the rest of you.

clay wins

Jester needs to visit UFC On Demand IMO...

it's Jetster no you guys a pricks....though I already knew this

Guida wins this