Hughes: Finally a nickname?

after last night's TUF I'm thinking...

Matt "Sweeper" Hughes

TUF 6 is going to be great. Serra is a walking quote machine. He will get under Hughes skin at some point. These to mental masters are going to put on a crazy show, no dumb antics like Tito and Ken. This will be all out mental warfare! Even if Serra ends up losing he will come out as a winner!

Matt "Eats dicks" Hughes

"He's a Dick, a very talented Dick but he's still a Dick." -Matt Serra

^ thats the best way to describe

Wonder if the whole TUF thing last night was to help his image??

"Wonder if the whole TUF thing last night was to help his image?? "

No, dumbass. He was there to help Jens and the guys.

I really use to like hughes but as of late he's getting on my nerves.........I hope serra kicks his ass......

Would any of you say this to Matt's face?  Just wondering Don Brad.

How about Matt "9-Time UFC Welterweight Champion" Hughes?

When I met Hughes and and Franklin they were the coaches on TUF. In the course of talking to them both I said to Hughes "And I don't care what all the people on the net say I don't think your that big of an asshole" LOL, Franklin laughed his head off and Hughes responded "How about I choke you out"...I think he was only half joking. :)

Slowshot, in boxing that's true, but the UFC markets it backwards.

Did you see the word consecutive in my post? Truth is in 9 title fights he got the "W" and walked away with the belt. He is the most accomplished welterweight competing in MMA. I'm just saying we should show some respect regardless of our perception of him from a reality tv show.

"How about Matt "9-Time UFC Welterweight Champion" Hughes?"

Can't... think... read... this... brain... ... hurt!

anyone notice that his "coaching" involed him overpowering the guy with his wrestling.

When I was watching the show last night, I had to wonder....Did they bring Hughes back on the show so he could be a nice guy and try and turn his reputation as a "talented Dick" around?

What do you think?

From: marc fiore

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Would any of you say this to Matt's face? Just wondering Don Brad.

Yes I would... I ain't scared of a 170lbs fighter. I walk around 195lbs & I am 6'2. He is a arrogant son of a sausage, he is a good wrestler & a phenomenal fighter but I ain't scared of him. I ain't scared of no man that breathes oxygen.

Don Brad is the shit! I would not want to mess with that dude, 6'2 195lbs of anger all over the place. I fear no man that breathes Oxygen. He even dropped a C bomb, Awesome! I wish I was half the man Don Brad is cause I admit when Hughes is bodyslamming me through the mat I get a little scared for my personal safety. By the way I just call Matt "Big Brother".


"I ain't scared of no man"