Hughes-Serra: Is this a mismatch?

Yes or NO

The odds say it is sort of a mistmatch at -350. I say...



Whoa, looks like I'm throwing some money on Serra

Both guys standup isnt the best. Matts good on top, Serras good on the bottom, this fight will be better than most expect

Serra's standup is a lot better than Hugh's.

wow, I getta make more money off Serra, thanks Matty

Hughes by mental edge.

You got to figure Serra will probably train his hardest for this fight in his carrer because of his legite hatred for Hughes. Conditioning has probably been Serra's greatest weakness historically.

Serra-GSp was supposed to be a mismatch too...

More Class?.....its not an ediqutete contest, its a fight..

I'll be putting a G on Serra.

i see it being a pretty boring GNP fight with hughes getting the decision...

Guys who think this will be a walk in the park for Hughes need to explain to me how Hughes is going to dominate.

Actually you don't need to, I'd just like you to.

Stand up? Nope

Hughes going to submit Serra? Nope

G&P? This is where I assume you think it will happen and I'd agree, if it happens, this will be it (maybe by cut) but I don't think you can appreciate how hard it will be for Hughes to hold Serra in place for a G&P. Serra has short powerfull limbs and great, as in top notch, jiu-jitsu. He's going to be very hard to hold in place.

I'll also add the Serra has his hands full trying to figure out how to finish Hughes as well.

This should be a good fight. I just don't see a walk in the park for either guy.

wizbang is right on. I think serra will eventually will knock hughes out but I dont see hughes finishing him unless Serra's cardio isn't up to par which has been a factor in the past.

I agree wiz, but with the odds, I'll take the ubderg=dog?... the champ?....thats fuckrd up, but easy money

Easy money........................ again.

Definitely a mismatch. I can't believe that anyone thinks Hughes can hang with Serra.

Guess I need to be clear (cause the MMA world is dying to know what wizbang thinks). I think Serra wins this by:

  1. Serra catches Hughes with punch.


  1. In the process of G&P attempt by Hughes, Serra slips to Hughes back.

Serra will look good early on but Hughes will wear him down and eventually get a tko.