Hughes wants to fight Hallman AGAIN...

I guess he thinks 3rd time is a charm....probably not!


No i think he knows he as at the end of his career and that is 1 loss that probably still bugs him considering he was beat twice yet went so much farther than Hallman.


shannon are you hmmming because you want to fight matt hughes?

lol... Hughes must really like getting choked out in a minute.  Call me I can make it happen. 

Damn Pavia, dont you sleep?

I dont sleep I wait... in Vegas for 24 hours for a meeting... got back from Mont yesterday... at Playboy Mansion Fri...

But seriously... Hughes is showing a pattern.  DIdnt learn his lessons against GSP.  Alves didnt drive the point home.  Cant duck Sierra forever.  I for one would love to see Superman Hallman retire him. 

Insanity - Failure to comprehend the logical and probable consequences of your actions.  Hughes hell, why not call out AJ? 

Give Hughes to Hallman after Serra skull-fucks him first..

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Lord Humoungous - ^^^

No i think he knows he as at the end of his career and that is 1 loss that probably still bugs him considering he was beat twice yet went so much farther than Hallman.
If that's the case, he should want to rematch Hallman, Pele, and Alves - all guys that he MAY be able to beat before he retires.


Hallman/ Hughes 1 starts around 1:15

Hallman/Hughes 2 starts around 2:15

1 Choke. 1 Arm Lock.

Maybe you asses should have listened to his interview on before you commented. He said that Hallman beat him twice in quick fashion and that Hallman had his number. He would like to test himself again though. And he also conforms that his next fight is against Serra.

I think even Hughes realizes he can't beat GSP at this point. Sierra and Halliman are great matchups for him, and would be fun to watch. Still want to see Hughes vs Karo. I doub't Zuffa wants to pay Hughes champ dollars to fight non top 5 fighters though. Plus Hughes doesn't seem to want to train hard enough to fight top guys.

No, hughes won't accept that he can't beat GSP. He's even said that he would want to fight him again and still thinks he's capable of winning.

I would hope that he realizes that he can't beat GSP. That would just be another murder.

Hughes can't have more than 3 or 4 fights left (if that) and he wants one of them to be against a guy who isn't even in the UFC?

If Hughes really wants to fight Hallman at this point, he should just call it a day and focus on his gym. I understand that Hallman beat him twice, but nobody wants to see that fight.

Guys want to avenge bad losses, there's nothing hard to understand about that

Hughes has wanted Hallman for a while, and it always seemed like it would happen again eventually after Hughes' career took off

After Hughes cleaned out the WW division a few years back, they brought in Trigg and Hallman both to fight for a title shot and Hallman got owned and then we had the first Trigg/Hughes fight

Every time the UFC was close to making a 3rd fight happen, he lost or something IIRC

I always thought they should have given Hallman a shot back when Hughes couldn't find any credible opponents and was so dominant

I'd still like to see it now, not many other meaningful matchups for Hughes after the Serra fight if he's not a title contender

 maybe after he beats serra into retirement