Hugo Duarte: Luta Livre

i just scanned that one yesterday, along with the UWF shooting bible from 1985. This weekend i’m doing tigermask’s shooting from 84’, his vale tudo victory methods book from 95’, another book from 89’ i forget the name of, the “this is sambo” he wrote with victor koga and his seikendo book

This one?

i assume that’s the only one with that back cover

Yes, that’s it. Plus, you seem to have them all. I don’t have to take any other pictures of my books and say" what about this one", “and this one”, “and this one”.

there are still a few more Tigermask books i don’t have. I scanned the gracie way and a Hidetaka Aso S.A.W book from 2000 today.

SAW, huh, yeah
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing
Say it again, why’all

SAW huh, good god
What is it good for
Absolutely nothing, listen to me

Thanks to the steppa i’ve dallied a loop over gokor’s submission library. Oh happy day! Those storied tapes of the dangling bill lewis spider!


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Following up on an OLD post in here (circa December) re: Rich Salamone’s wrestling tapes - yeah, he wanted to do more, either a 6 or 8 module series. But it turned into such a time sink he had to drop it :frowning:

He struck me as the perfectionist type so I bet it is a chore shooting and editing the instructionals . I’m taking a little break from scanning tonight and am going to encode some combat sambo tapes by Vincent ornealas

Second tape of the series, circa 1999.


One surely cannot get enough Combat Sambo into their lives. Well played, sir.

I like how they add validity to Vincent Ornelas by advertising him as Tony Lopez’ instructor.