Hypocracy and the UG....


Here it is, April 3rd, and once again I am pouring over the results of last nights UFC, and trying to digest the constant back-and-forth between fans and "haters," and so on.

As usual, my friends on the forum can be counted on to do many things, like clock-work. Finger pointing, excuse making, laughing, and so on.

However, I was wondering something.

How many of us on here are ACTUALLY willing to admit that they have done some serious, unjustified trash talking of a certain fighter, or of opponents of their favorite fighter -- based in part upon their heated rivals on the UG?

For instance, the recent Chuck vs Tito fight. Before the fight, Tito's fans were slamming Chucks chances, because he had lost to Randy and Quinton. They called him over-rated in stand up, out of shape, and even threw in a few names like "hillbilly," "redneck," and some others that I don't care to mention. Now, since Chuck KO'd Tito, Chucks fans are saying the same things about Tito -- and Tito fans are now calling "FOUL!"

Point is, we all have done it. PERIOD. We are all HYPOCRITES to the Nth degree in this, save about 3% of the forum who actually seem above it all. I myself can say with total honesty that I have done some serious shit talking about some fighters, in no small part to my fuming behind the keyboard while reading some post by another forum member that drove me mad. That is immature of me, to attack a pro fighter with words of slander, to degrade their victories, and so on. Not to mention it is just WRONG.

So, who among us can freely admit that they have heavily indulged in serious shit talking of certain fighters, based in part upon the posts of others here on the UG?

Many said Tito was ducking chuck, and called him a coward. He stepped up. Bottom line. Now, are we ducking the truth about ourselves?

I am guilty, in a HUGE degree. I have tried to cut it back, because each and every fighter deserves respect for getting in there, no matter the circumstance, and bleeding for us, the fans. They put Pride, Flesh, Bone, sweat, blood, time in training, time away from families, and they put up with US (which is probably the heaviest burdon.)

The very least we can do is step up JUST once, and admit that we are hypocrites. For once, we should have 1% of the balls that these fighters have, and admit our hypocracy, without need of excuses or any such other crutch.

A Philo teacher I once had told me something I will never forget.... "Too many people do hurtful things, or say hurtful things, and then act justified, as if it was their duty to put their foot across the neck. What they should be doing is freely admitting 'Yeah, I put my foot across the neck, not because I had to or need to, but simply because I wanted to hear the bones crack.'"

True words, and a sound lesson I think we could all learn. But then again, that would require balls on our part, and GOD KNOWS we don't have them.

TTT for fighters like Tito and Chuck, Royce and Ken, Frank Shamrock and Jeremy Horn, Matt Hughes and BJ Penn, Wes Simms and Frank Mir, Kimo, Shannon Rich, Jens Pulver, and COUNTLESS others.

Guilty :(

Agreed eric...... it doesn't take much to knock someone down with words. :-)

*looks down at balls*

Well, that's 2 of us.

I could easily start naming names, but this is something each person has to do for themselves.

Sorry momita -- 3 of us ;-)

I have talked an abundant amount of trash about Tito over the years.

And now that he has fought some top competition I need to shut my mouth. But I can safely say that I have never jumped on any bandwagons.

This is not about jumping bandwagons -- that is nothing compared to what I am talking about -- that is simply fan pride, not fighter respect.

Welcome aboard, dan

I predict that very few will admit to this themselves, let alone post an open-handed, no excuse confession.

Read these forums for a bit, just started to post on them and i have never shit talked another fighter, I just love to watch the fights. Even being a tito fan i would not come out and say chucks a hillbilly or whatever, because i know they both would kick my ass. In fact i like it so much, im going to start training and learning more about the sport and the fight styles etc... maybe some day ill be fighting who knows ;)

Last time I checked I was human...so yeah,Im a hypocrite.

Nice post Creepster

Nice excuse, Kimura.

"Point is, we all have done it. PERIOD."

The point is, we all HAVENT done it.

Buddy -- you haven't done it?

excuse?is that supposed to be an insult?

Not at all, Kimura -- just saying "Nice excuse."

Oh,I didnt quite follow you.I really do think hypocracy is just a part of human nature.

I understand that, for sure -- but I don't that that's any excuse for us to A) not admit that it's worng, and B) not attempt to restrain it. We all have the ability to temper our thoughts, and choose our words wisely. Not trying to offend you at all.

There is only one true reason why i hate this forum. And it's the stupid posts about fighters.

I have to say, i am one people who doesn't talk shit about fighters. The very reason is because it can be a fighter's night one night or vice versa. Who cares? Just enjoy the fights.

I admit i have my favourites. But, it is based on excitement factors. Like I like Carlos Newton because you know his fights are always moving.

Well said, Wolvie

Look at it this way ericbedwell,if I wasnt willing to admit to my flaws I could have just moved on to the next thread without posting couldnt I?:)Your point in saying "We all have the ability to temper our thoughts, and choose our words wisely" is that some are worse than others,which is relative speaking.And in that case I dont consider myself to be much of a hypocrite compared to others. But I just might be verifying that I am by saying that.

If I feel that something is a part of human nature,why should I kick my own ass every time I found myself being guilty of the same thing that every human being is guilty of in one way or another? Im not suggesting people shouldnt try to avoid being that way,Im suggesting that they can only keep it to a bare minimum.

But we are now going far beyond MMA discussion and Im too hungover to deal with it...So yes,Im a hyprocrite and no,its not fun to admit:)