I am Picking Jens to win

And he will.

Hes my favorite, I just dont see him winning.

I see it happening. I think penn will get beat on the feet.

I also am picking Jens by way of superior cardio 3rd round KO.


you people are funny

Duke Rufus has been working with Jens but I dont think it will be enough

bj will finish jens.

BJ's gonna have Jens back in under 2 minutes. Easy fight for Penn.

i dunno. going into their first fight, jens was the best lightweight in the U.S.A. he had confidence, a winning streak and was the underdog.

since then, he's been humbled Ludwig, Lauzon etc. i don't think he's nearly as confident as he was last time.

bj now has the experience and seems to be taking fighting more seriously.

im rooting for jens, but i'd bet on bj

Jens Pulver"Izer"

Is "Izer" a nick name?

Lil Evil

I think Jens knows it is a must win situation.

The Pulverizer via mental toughness and being in shape!

Penn is going choke lil evil out, if not knock him out. I don't see Pulver winning in anyway.

I got Penn.

Jens is ready to rock, that is for sure.

Sup Mike.

i was never a jens fan until the show now i like the guy and hope he wins- gotta keep it standing to havve any chance of winning

I won't do a name bet... for certain reasons =)

But I'll put 20 on it.

I'd like to see Jens win but I give BJ about 75-80% chance to win.