I DIDN'T watch UFC tonight because

a) I'm not gay


b) I had better stuff to do.

then you missed out...DOH!

You should try being gay because the fights were nice

great fights tonight, your loss ball lick.



Damn what a waste, you missed a great show.

Wow, the one time on an internet forum when someone is ridiculed for NOT being a homosexual. UFN was awesome AND it was free.

lol @ "ball lick"

basic, but funny

great free fights! Thanks UFC

^ black peeps love free shit.

Fuck this ....I'm going to bed.

Thanks for a great night of fights

"^ black peeps love free shit."

lmao, I am not black. I only have this screen name cause I lost a bet. Although even if I did love Rampage>than Chuck, that still wouldnt make me black, lol.

if you missed the ufc tonite,u r gay.

Nothing but great fights tonight.

haha, wouldnt you like to know...its a mystery.

"^^ What was your name before you lost the best ? ? ??"

Wow what a great show. This was imo the best UFN to date.

Because you'd rather spend time hating instead of Watching some up and comers...when are fuckers gonna quit goin by ppl past reps and give others a chance...hint REPUTATION is gained through REPETITION...if you dont get a chance we'll never know

gosh darn it all!

I forgot this was on tonight! Are they rebroadcasting on Friday?

skidmark,WTF are you talking about?

If you are going to come on here and talk about it afterwards you might as well of watched it imo.



Not unless you're posting vids of every fight, bub.

Somehow still pics don't do the fight game justice,know what I mean?