I got into a streetfight yesterday

Part 1
THis is the deal: 4 years ago I was in a bar with some friends and there was a drunk asshole picking on one of my friends that we call "tiny" he is like 140 pound and is like 1.55 meters.

  They were having trouble because of a girl and when we went out of the restaurant this guy slapped him hard on the back of the head.

    He start shouting to me an my friends( he was with his) anybody wan to fight me motherfuckers, so I stepped by he tried to push me I armdrag him and put him to sleep standing up, not a single punch , I just choked him out.When he waked up he has clam not even shouting and that was it.

Part 2 yesterday night ( Rematch)

  I was on a Bar with some friends having a really nice time, a guy comes by and is this asshole, I didn´t even remember him, he is like are you Mario Delgado.

  I said yes and then he is like 4 years ago you choked me out from behind , and you are a coward an blah blah blah, he knew I run a jiujitsu school, so he told me I want to fight you in your acadamy, to show that you are a pussy and blah blah blah.

I told him lets do it know , outside, the guy was like 185 and a bit taller than me , I compete at 145 and I am know like 155, so we went out and we cross the steet.

  He was kept saying me that I was a coward because he said I choked him from behind (he told me there was no way for me to choke him face to face because how could I end up in his back , only from behind. So I promise I told him I will do the same thing know.

   There were 2 street cops and I gave them a 100 bucks to let us fight( I just asked them to not interfer, they didn´t wanted that at the begining but finally they agree).

  I shaked his hand and start circling I got him with a really nice left hook twice, and then we clinched I had like a weak thai clinch so we enended up on the ground he bite me on my cheek he ended up in my close guard, I imidiatlly eye gouged him with my thumbs on both eyes, he imidiatly let go and I went for and armbar but he hide his head and I ended up swepping him ang getting top position, I start hitting him really hard he gave me his back and I choked him totally out.  

  After I have to be honest, since he bited me I gave him like 6 blows because I was pissed, he ended up so bloody, like scott smith ( I don´t know if that was his name the ninjitsu guy that fought Pat smith)he was a mess, I was really full of blod. 

   I stood up the police guys finally arrived, I was taking off but I came back , I gave this  guy my hand and help him to stand up, I saw that his cheek was broke and he had a big slash over the eye, He told me this was between mans and we are over with this, so I told him let me take you to the hospital . 

I called my friend and ask him to pick my credit card and see me outside ( I dind´t told him inside that I was going to get into a fight , because he would have get nuts and I dind´t wanted any trouble inside the place), so he went out I took this guy to the hospital, I just had a bite in my cheek and both hands fucked up, we end up shaking hands.

 I dont know if he was whith someone, but my friend and I stayed at the hospital a little while and than I told this guy I had to leave, because I spoke with my wife on the phone and she was going nuts, so I said goodbye. 

  This guy made fun of himself he told me know we were freind but no further remach, and I am ok with that, by the way jiujitsu saved my ass,Mario

I'm blind


blah, blah blah...

"I gave him like 6 blows..."

Well, your generous at least.

Dam, good story.

The Calf Cruncher

chill dawgs,I think its a language barrier thing...

"I imidiatlly eye gouged him with my thumbs on both eyes"


"1.55 meters"

(note to self, buy conversion table before logging back on to the UG)

Nice story, It would have been nice that you had recorded it and then post it on your page.

Are you coming to Royce seminar here in Leon?



Paragraphs are your friend.

pretty good story

OK, I actually read the story.

Paying off cops, beating people up and then befriending them and taking them to the hospital to fix the damage that you've done..... that's quite a story.  Congrats on your victory.


Good story, fix the writing and more people will appreciate it.

Where else on the net can you find a better streetfight story than right here on the UG. Classic!


"you made up the whole fucking story"

I was waiting for someone to say that...

That sounds like the synopsis for a kick ass Patrick Swayze movie.

I like the action, cop payouts....not enough explosions IMO

For the story to be more effective the guy he beat up twice should have been around 6'5 300lb of solid muscle or make it more than one guy, say about 4...