I Guess Overeem is going to be the

Heavyweight champ soon Phone Post 3.0

Idk stipe has a chin and cheaply can bang. Phone Post 3.0

Clearly* Phone Post 3.0

Lmfao no Phone Post 3.0

Lmao He will get slept by Stipe Phone Post 3.0

OP has apparently never seen the KO losses on Overeem's record.

Don't think so, Reem's chin is worse than Werdum's and Stipe put him out Phone Post 3.0

Reem with the belt would be awesome. Thats the fight to make Phone Post 3.0

It's the fight to make

After seeing Stipe tonight you have to think he would KO Reem though. Stipe is durable, Reem is not, he'd eventually clip him.

Lol stipe would KO reem too. Phone Post 3.0

Overeem could win. Very good fight. I would say it is a 50/50 type fight with Overeem scoring points and trying not to get clipped. Maybe 60/40 stipe but still close. Phone Post 3.0

MeNoSurrenderr - Lol stipe would KO reem too. Phone Post 3.0

Just like JDS was going to KO Overeem? Both guys are very dangerous.

I would bet my sn on Econoreem. Phone Post 3.0

Stipe puts him to sleep. Phone Post 3.0

I don't see Econereem rushing in hands down like Werdum though. Phone Post 3.0

It could happen, but I see it this way:

Stipe has a good chin, even though he has been put out before (by Struve). Major factor is that KO was due to volume (kinda the same way Diaz bros operate) not a single punch KO.

Reem doesn't throw much volume or combos lately. His priority is to protect his glass jaw, so it's mostly singles, in and out, kicks from distance and I don't think thats enough to put Stipe away.

On the other hand, all it takes for Stipe is one good connection, doesn't even has to be at the chin, and he will put Reem to sleep. Being a 5 round fight only gives him more time to land that shot.

Although if Reem plays it really smart and patient I could see him winning a decision.

Reem will be champ Phone Post 3.0

Is there where we claim it the "Stipe era" and talk about how we can't see anyone ever beating him?

Stipe will touch reems chin. Night night Phone Post 3.0

R00STER - Is there where we claim it the "Stipe era" and talk about how we can't see anyone ever beating him?
I think that starts tomorrow...gotta wait for the right circumstances Phone Post 3.0