I have 2 faixa rua brown belts

if anyone wants to represent, I am not paying for postage. I am in the los angeles area.

I'm not at that elite level yet.


 Is there something special about them?

 Enlighten me?

I have a faixa rua brown belt and a faixa rua 'obi michi' brown belt, both gifts from Faixa himself.

ases you should be banned. Jsho you sure it was the real faixa? maybe i am losing mind. fren.

Ases -  Is there something special about them?

oh, fren. faixa rua is best fight in world. undastan?

I want! Phone Post

kindofawesome you kind of newb, undastan? you brown belt, faixa marrom?? where you train?

cumpidro fren how much long until you at level fren?

Rock n Raleigh Suicide - ases you should be banned. Jsho you sure it was the real faixa? maybe i am losing mind. fren.

I received a gi from Faixa last year - it was addressed to "Fren".



oh frens i need find 4th proxy.......

sir taps and Jsho, is this the faixa in England? he is a fren.

my frens, faixa is asking me is there any interest for quality faixa gi in states??

Faixa is from Rio, that's where he learned that real purple belts SMASH and that jiu-jitsu is the best fight in the world. But he has fren in England who stock his gis, and sometimes he has to leave Copacabana beach and come to England to clock choke them if the gis aren't sent out quickly enough.


yes James, that is correct, my fren!


It will be a long long long time before I can rate a faixa rua brown belt, and I don't think your belt would wrap around my waist. : (

It an honor for you take belt big D it fit when you ready I hope you enjoy my book I undastan I never get it back undastan?

Ases I not sure who you are but I see clock choke come your way fren!

Sorry my fren, I forgot that I still have your book. I undastan I need to bring back. I'll be sure to memorize to bring it next time we get the lunch.