I just cant get into tonights card.

I dont know why, Its good on paper , edgar is fun to watch , looking forward to baroni and gomi fights. But I have no interest in tonights fights.

tell us more about your emotions.

How do rainstorms make you feel?

romantic , I live on the water.

But you're gonna watch anyway, right?

ya , It's actually my turn to host the fights . I think im just tired from last night. Im usually really excited for the fights , maybe dream mma'd me all out.

am I the only one who feels this way.


Silva Vs Vera and Leben vs Stann are gonna b a good, so Is Gomi/Guida. Pretty much most fights should b good, not holding my breath for title fight, but u never know Phone Post

agree with aldo getting injured . Oh well happy new years everybody and enjoy the fights.

listen the bottom line is that if you're a fan, your gonna be watching the fights anyway

Nate Diaz and fucking Takanori Gomi are gonna be fighting tonight, plus Grispi, Silva,Vera,Guida,Stephens,Leben,Davis, and Baroni

plus the #1 LW v. a top 5 LW

not the best card, but thats good enough to get me excited for the event

its not.worth 55 god Damn dollars that's for sure



I get it caposa. Great fighters on really the perfect day to watch fights. Most people will relax today. I honestly think its because Im going to see Maynard become champ tonight.

And yes this card is not worth the 55 dollars up front. maybe after the card it will be worth the 55 dollars.

Not to mention Im so looking forward to the anderson vs belfort card, that Im almost looking past this card. But somehow these sleeper cards seem to deliver.

HA! the more I talk about this card the more Im getting into it. Just got a call from my buddies wondering if they can come early for some dinner before i put my girls to bed.

Personally, im not too excited for the fights as a whole. When I go fight by fight, i think they will all be awesome (excluding the main event), especially Gomi vs Guida, Leben vs Stann and Davis vs Stephens. But for some reason I'm not too excited about the event. I will still buy the fights, and im sure i will enjoy them, but Maynard is like the most boring fighter in the history of MMA i dont want to watch him for 25 minutes(and i'm a Jon Fitch fan).

Also alot of the undercard fights dont really mean anything in the ranking system. nobody really takes a big step up the ladder if they win tonight. Maybe nate diaz if he wins.

TS....Do Double Rainbows make you cry?

No importance to tonight's fights but just fun to watch imo.