I know its not cool but I like Mauro Ranallo

 People knock him because they say he announces like he a pro wrestling announcer. Yea, he does. And that's a good thing. The enthusiasm he brings to the table is sorely needed in MMA. He's intellectual & very knowledgeable in the sport of MMA.

I know his phrases like "Mama Mia!" can be considered offbeat, but he understands the sport & does his best to have his excitement translated over to the viewer. I've watched him since his PRIDE days & was always impressed by how smart he is. I think he is one of the best MMA announcers in the world right now. 

In fairness, you also saw "Baboo Baby" under Amir's name.   Just sayin.

 I wouldn't touch this thread with a 25 centimeter pole.


I like Mauro. I love how people here slam Mauro for his bad puns but fall all over Schiavello for the worst lines imaginable.

Badlands Meanie - In fairness, you also saw "Baboo Baby" under Amir's name.   Just sayin.


 im def a Mauro fan. good commentary needs a little bit of cheesiness i think, and he is like a more knowledgable goldy imo.

my dream commentary team would be Mauro, Joe Rogan, and Bas, but i dont see that ever happening.

He practically ruined the upset of the century when Randleman KO'd Mirko Cro Cop w/ his retarded yelling and screaming .

At least he knows his shit

Fan of Mauro here!!!

I like Mauro. I don't like Gus Johnson. Phone Post

CapnsavemIsDead - I like Mauro. I don't like Gus Johnson. <img src="/images/phone/post_tag.png" alt="Phone Post" border="0" style="vertical-align:middle;"/>


I like Mauro

He sucks.

forrestfan - He sucks.

You suck.

Mauro is waaaay better than Goldberg

The Last Emperor - 
forrestfan - He sucks.

You suck.

Fuck you, Mauro.

Mauro gets bashed on here all the time. while some of it is justified. some is unfair. he is knowledgeable, and loves the sport more than just about anyone. I'm a fan of his since PRIDE. I think him and Bas were a great team. sure he said/says some weird things from time to time. Him teaming with johnson or shammy make him sound worse i think. Bas brought the best out of him

I think Mauro is one of the best, if not the best.

mauro isnt nearly as bad as hes made out to be.

asbury - mauro isnt nearly as bad as hes made out to be.

 nah buddy; he is.  

Otherwise it wouldn't be brought up so often.