'I love you Jake Paul' tattoo coming to Tyron Woodley's body this week

What a fag




How sad. And this dude was a UFC champion at one point….

His fall off is officially worse than chuck Liddell’s and BJ Penn’s cause of this


He could get three of those tattoos and Paul is still not giving him a rematch. He just isn’t a big enough draw and too dangerous of a fight for Jake.


Why? Why the fuck would you do that? that wasnt exactly even the agreement.

Tyron is a clown of the highest level. He talked a gang of shit for years only to look like shit recently in his performances including that whole BLM interview fiasco just to have Colby slap him around the cage. Now, he was too afraid to actually win against a Youtuber who couldn’t handle his power. Dude is out here getting branded like a fucking ho.


Hes gotta lose his hood pass if he gets that right?


Im assuming his rap career already did that


jake said if he had got the tattoo quickly, it would have stayed hot, he would have had to give the rematch. but as there was a delay, he’s moved on. this is a clear money grab and I don’t blame Tyron, but it won’t work and he’ll look like an ex-girlfriend


He’s not getting the tattoo. This was just a feeler to see if it would reignite interest in a rematch given the problem signing against Fury. This won’t happen.

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Manhood pass


he got a milly + to do what was pretty much an exhibition fight…im sure thats far from “sad” when BJ is getting knocked out by bar dudes and Chuck got KOd by his nemesis for an org that sounded like didnt even pay him


The question here is- would you get this tattoo for a million dollars?

I would 100%

The question is, is he stupid enough to still get it without talking to Paul - nvm. Dumb question.


Million in cash…no taxes…you have to get the tattoo on you forehead and can’t cover up or remove it for the rest of your life. Would you still do it?

There’s no way in hell Tyron is getting a rematch. It was one of the most boring fights I’ve seen in my life.

Neither fought because they were both scared to lose.

Nobody will buy the rematch.

Fuck no but that’s not the rule is it. He’s getting it on his leg or some shit.

I invest that million and not give a fuck

Each to their own respect your opinion.

At my current rate of saving it will take me around another 16years including compound interest to get a million in my account.

Give me the tattoo and let me box this fat fuck at catchweight.

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