I’m hearing Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal is headlining UFC 300

I know a guy who knows a guy that knows someone close to the situation.

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Nate should have gotten the rematch for that bullshit stoppage years ago. Nate was just about to kick this faggots ass. Make it happen

Masvidal/Askren would be more fun


I was also told that the questionable stoppage is the angle promoting the rematch


Nick unbreakable Diaz

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I don’t know anyone, but i was also thinking that this fight could/should be at the 300

Headlining tho?


If this is the headlining fight for their 300th event, then the UFC is officially dead.


Masvidal can beat him up for 5 more rounds, not super necessary but I like it.

Its been dead, they literally have nobody. So they’re going to wheel out 2 journeymen that are pushing 40 years old and haven’t won a meaningful fight since Obama was president because they’re the only names left that can draw a crowd to dana whites circus show


prelims hopefully

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I hope not, to be honest. Would want something more

I don’t think the UFC is “dead” but that is an absolutely fucking terrible main event for any PPV at this point. It made more sense back then. Neither of them are active fighters (retired?), and haven’t looked good in years. I have no desire to see either guy compete ever again.

I hope this thread is a troll.

It Is What Is Dana White GIF

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Absolutely retarded headline fight for 300 but I’m streaming it, so I really don’t give a fuck. Honest to God, fuck Ben Askren for giving Masvidal’s garbage ass that KO :roll_eyes:

You can’t even tell when you’re not logging into a forum. How could you possibly have any inside info on a fight matchup?

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