I’m hearing Nate Diaz vs Jorge Masvidal is headlining UFC 300

The UFC lacks star power and interesting match ups.

Ronda is headlining 300 IMO. What other name is there available?

Please god no more rematches

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This match couldn’t happen even if they wanted it. Not enough time in drug testing pool.

Man if PRIDE Fc was around we’d get some real spectacle. Like I don’t want to see two guys past their prime and coming off loses as a headliner unless it’s a freak show type fight like Butterbean and Aoki in a tag team vs Minowa and Bob Sapp.

We are not in the USADA era anymore so there is no requirement to have to be 6 months into the program before fighting

Chael said the UFC is honoring that same guideline.

I think as long as Conor promises he hasn’t done any kind of steroids in the last six months the UFC will let him fight.

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Yeah fuck it.
I’m ok with them granting steroid theraputic exemptions to the fighters I follow.

But no exemption for any Russian/Dag fighter

(And I despise Connors so, no exemption for him either)

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I would allow it if they would put Conor on EPO
We all want see it

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I don’t like Conor,
But prime Conor on EPO, of boy

im completely neutral

Conor Mcgregor Dancing GIF by UFC

New rumor by Chael - Khabib vs Leon UFC 300.

How does Nate still get fights?? He always loses lol

Weird fight to have and as the main event, if its 5 rounds i could see Nate pulling off the win though.

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Lol if that happens, I’ll eat my own testicles.

I saw a pic of him yesterday and he was fat as fuck with a huge balloon face, must be 215-225lbs

He hasn’t had back to back wins since 2015)16

His UFC record

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And the casuals only heard about him in 2016 Vs Conor.

He owes Dana and Conor alot,

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Chael said it’s bullshit.


Conor vs Nate will be the main event of 300