i Remember When....

...FCTV made 30k posts. Those were the days i tell ya!

skateboards were sold with clay wheels

used to surf sandy's with the mcdonald's tray

alaka'i - used to surf sandy's with the mcdonald's tray

oh those were the days

remember seeing the tourist in the two piece bikinis innocently standing at the waters edge...us guys taking bets on which one you hoped would get knocked down and her top pulled off by the incomming waves.....pure joy

^^^holy shit yah!! sand filled bottoms pulled down far enough to get full viewage.


unassumming tourists losing their bikinis was one of the added perks of sandys

that and watching dumb military guys attempt to bodysurf... only to get dumped over the falls!!!

...my fat sister stretched out my flojo slippers...started cracking and then one day.....SNAP!


..school lunch was $.45 and i used to eat 3.

........McDonalds had those little transforming fry toys, and the nuggets you could put hats on. Sweet

....the Diner's Summer Special (Burger, Fries and Small Drink) was $1.25........damn I must be old.

 ..........you could drink up Tantalus and not get chased out by cops.  Now its full of fucken Limos showing tourist around at the look outs.

hd441 - ....the Diner's Summer Special (Burger, Fries and Small Drink) was $1.25........damn I must be old.

Yummmmm Diner's special. burger had teh special sauce

Hawaii had Taco Time......sorry having withdrawls :(

the Police didn't have top notch forensics and all I needed for a good time was my VW van and duffle bag.

sneaking into water country at castle park and swim all day...and then tell the guy that your stamp came off in the water and get an all day pass stamp to ride the go carts

cheee hoooo!!

Makapuu with the Mcdonalds trays we took from the Waikiki Mcds bring back memories of before I got deported to Guam.

and Castle Park.....bumper boats and the roller slide you come down on a boodie board? fuggetaboutit!

good times.

^^^being afraid of the rampage

*hides in shame :(

rampage was the sheet....i remember the first time i rode that thing, i had no idea what was coming...it took some courage to climb back up for my second run!!! good stuff