I think James Toney should fight _______ first.

Cheick Kongo

a white dude...

Pat Berry

Pat Berry or Randy Couture.

  1. Royce
    2. Kimbo
    3. Buentello

bring in James Irvin at catchweight, if Kimbo can get Houston, Toney deserves a LHW with no TD offense

Randy Couture

Kimbo makes the most interesting match up and provides a chance for Toney to win.

Just about anyone else spells uneventful victory by takedown,g&p or sub

Unless they were to pull Cro Cop or Berry out of their scheduled fight to face him....then i'm down.

I'd like to see him fight Frank Mir...

I don't want to sound disrespectful but either way the fight goes I win.. lol That's all Imma gonna say 

Someone who has the same experience that he does in MMA.

Hah Royce would be fantastic, and it would end this charade and we could all move along. I don't get the point of tiptoeing around matchups so that we can pretend that the UFC isn't about MMA. I really don't have to be entertained that badly.

I think the real question is a lot less specific.

Dana knows who Toney can beat, and who he can't beat.

Do you want to see Toney get a win or get sent home a beaten man, so we can all chant about MMA superiority?

On one hand, having him around for several fights = Bigger PPV draw. On the other hand, it makes our sport look like a good boxer can just walk in and beat MMA fighters.

I want to see how Toney does against a real MMA fighter. Not a world champion in his first fight, but not somebody who's a boxer trying to learn how to survive on the ground.

threestars35 - bring in James Irvin at catchweight, if Kimbo can get Houston, Toney deserves a LHW with no TD offense
you know, that's not a bad idea

Fugazi - pull Cro Cop ...out of their scheduled fight to face him.....

Mirko would be a great 1st fight for Toney.

Demonyo - Roy Nelson

I never thought of Nelson, I like it.

Bones jones or Tito.....

Cro Cop (To welcome him with a LHK)

Brandon Vera would be a nice one too. Actually any good kickboxer who could punish him with leg kicks would be amusing.

 He should fight Seth Petruzelli!

Belly fat.