I train with LUKE CUMMO

I just saw luke tonight, I can't believe the "silent assasin" is that funny! HYSTERICAL!


I've seen him hit a stack of bricks and only bust the bottom one... Crazy shit.

His only loss is actually to Josh Koshcheck.......

Luke trains with Serra-Longo Competition Team.

He has been ThaiBoxing with Ray Longo for 4 years.
Training with Matt and Nick Serra for 3 1/2 years.

I still had no idea he was that funny.

he also lost a close fight to team tiger schulmann's dave tirelli (it was a rematch; luke won the first one via tko). whenever luke makes an entrance to the ring he dresses up like one of the mortal combat dudes. and when he fought josh koscheck, they fell out of the ring and smashed the table right next to me.

i was super impressed with the wall sit. Anybody who's done it knows how hard it is and to go for five minutes and could have kept going is amazing, especially considering every other "best of the best up and coming fighters" could go past two-three minutes.

5 minutes is not long they must have already been real tired Last week at Serras our teacher Focker had about 20 people do 5 minutes Only 1 couldnt do it and most were blue and white belts

Well yeah that was after the 3-hour workout wasn't it?

it wasnt after 3 hours but was after a hard workout

5 minutes is long, BUT, when luke and I did Kung Fu together, they had us wall sit up to 10 minutes, then they tried to get us to do it when we were at home, eating, watching TV, etc. We were like "Ok sure, whatever", but Luke kept it up.

I do it for that long all twice a week after jumping rope and doing squats

he had Koschek caught in submissions 2x and Josh avoided them by jumping out of the ring that was 4x4

The ring was tiny but he got out of one guillotine when we fell out the ring (and through a table!) and one triangle he got out of normally }:-)

i remember that - that was pretty scary watching u guys crash through the table

Atta boy, Luke!!

I was impressed with Luke's team attitude when he took 2 guys out to help his team win the contest.

Pretty smart thinker.

I'm hoping Luke stays in all the way.

Hey Luke, this is C, just wanted to say congrats and best of luck, I'll be watching.

TTT for Luke!!!! Great job so far.....Keep it up :O)

Luke seems extremely focused and kicked ass in the challenge.