I will never cheer for ____, no matter what!!!!

not hating, just looking for what names you'd use to fill in the blanks

for me it's Koscheck & Lutter

Cyborg, Koscheck

the Taliban

Guida Phone Post


I don't dislike GSP, but I don't really cheer for him. I usually want him to lose, just tired of seeing him in the same fights against different opponents. He's an amazing fighter though, so I think I just want to see someone dominate or at least win a round against him. Phone Post

Nazi's I will never cheer for them Phone Post

Mike Pierce Phone Post

'Arse-kretin' askren Phone Post

The Vancouver Canucks

Gsp, guida Phone Post

Nick Diaz. I don't really want to see him get beat. I just want h to become irrelevant so his drama can go away.

Before TUF I would have Chael but he has grown on me. Phone Post

Hemlock - The Vancouver Canucks

 Ouch!  That hurts Hemlock.. 

Shannon The Cannon Ritch.

Gsp, Guida zzzzzzz Phone Post

Jones, Askren, Warren, Lesnar.

Diego Sanchez

And that cheap-shot bitch who's coming to the UFC. Hope she gets smashed.

buckshot44 - 
Hemlock - The Vancouver Canucks

 Ouch!  That hurts Hemlock.. 

2 Girls no cup

Hemlock - The Vancouver Canucks

OK. That one is a little close to home.