I won a ticket to the abu dhabi world pro

I dont´write much here, but wanted to share with the UG that I won the Mexican trials for the abu dhabi world pro jiujitsu championships. I wont my category (purple over 92kg) and the absolute. The prize for all absolute champions is an all paid trip to the main event in abu dhabi on April 2012. As you can imagine I´m super exited about it.

I would like to ask to those who have gone over there under similar circumstances what was the whole trip like (how many days did you stay, what was the hotel like, food,travelling advise, etc)

Please share

Congrats that should be cool as shit Phone Post

Mrthesnake - Congrats that should be cool as shit Phone Post

Thanks mate, it actually is, I´m really looking forward to it

Good luck and ttt for info for you!

Congratulations man. I'm sure the trip is going to blow your mind. Be sure to post pics when you get back! We'd love to hear about your trip and how it impacts you.

 Congratulations man!


great accomplishment, congrats

Well done! please keep us updated with pictures.


awesome, congrats, would be interested to hear experiences from others as well.

Thanks guys, I´ll definitely keep you up to date on how things are going, as of now I´m waiting for the call from the abu dhabi guys to sort out visa and travel arrangements, so please keep TTT till someone who´s gotten the golden thicket can give us some insight,

TTT Phone Post


How can I post a picture form facebook?

Congratulations!! I am doing the Canadian trials! Hopefully I can join you!

Congrats buddy, take a look around this website and you can get a feel of what to do.


They won't send you the ticket or contact you much about it at all until April. I spent only 4 days because I had school obligations, but I would recommend going for as long as they will pay for your hotel, as it will allow you to adjust your sleep schedule better. Even though you're a big boy, it's recommended to not eat more than snacks while traveling. By waiting to adjust your meals to Abu Dhabi time, your body and sleep routine will adjust more easily.

We were placed at a military hotel. Good for guys, let the Mexican girls know that they must bring a modest swimsuit if they plan to swim, no tank tops, and no shorts inside the hotel. Outside it's not technically not allowed, but it is frowned upon. You'll have a mealticket for a restaurant there in the hotel if it's the same.

The tournament was run from about 8 pm to 12 am each night Thursday and Friday. So late because it's an open air, out door tournament. I had trouble breathing the super dry air, so did a couple of my friends. The year I went was purple, brown, black together so I don't know what day you'll go, but probably Thursday. Finals are Saturday.

I went in '98 as media and it was the trip of a lifetime. I think the venue and hotel arrangements have changed so it'd be hard for me to give advice there but do not stress over the whole 'middle east' thing. It's a very modern country and you're going to have a blast.

Congratulations man! Hope all goes well for you and you should TTT this and keep us updated. Phone Post

A guy from my gym won the Canadian absolute and got to go last year. He said it was an amazing trip! Congrats! Phone Post

CanadaGirl - Congratulations!! I am doing the Canadian trials! Hopefully I can join you!

Thanks, hope to see you there!!