I'd like to see Penn vs. Sherk

This is a fight I'd like to see. It would be an exciting fight between 2 of the BEST, and most evolved/well-rounded fighters at 170. Both guys have been on a roll over the past year and it would nice to set the top 3 in order.

K-1...are you listening???

YES! I've been saying for a long time. GOD YES!

k-1 better be listening...

Sherk would win.

I would have to go with BJ

This would be the perfect fight for Sherk,his style is more controling then hughes,i think Sherk would punish Penn with Elbows from within guard.

K-1 or Bushido needs to make this fight happen.

Chris, oops I mean Dudley stop trolling :) jk

I would have to go with Sherk by decision. He may be able to knock out Penn but it will be very hard and i don't think he can sumbit Penn. But Sherk moves incredibly, way better than Penn. So he'll get the dominant position.


oooooooh, close fight


Do they allow elbows in Romanex?

gotta with sherk in this fight...he's the man right now in WW division IMO...great fight though!


i havent seen anyone move better than bj penn

i doubt it, romanex is probably the same as pride rules

i reckon sherk would beat penn in the same way hughes beat charuto, take down and little damage

good fight.. it would be a war.. who knows?

can't predict fights like this...

Great fight. I think Sherk would be bent on NOT going to his back and would avoid the mistake Matt made.

BJ is deadly vs. wrestlers if he is on top.

Awesome match up !!! Who would'nt want to see this fight. Hope it happens !

awesome fight

as long as it doesn't go like rounds 2 and 3 of hughes/charuto

thats interesting because i feel the exact opposite.