if gsp did the nfl combine?

56 what?! Reps??!

"i bet he runs around a 4.3 40 with no practice"

I'm a huge GSP fan, but you are out of your fucking mind. Sure, without practice he'd be shoulder to shoulder with Deoin Sanders, lol.

TOWE, I once scored 3 TD's in one game.

people overrated GSPs athleticism...Pete Spratt is a better athlete and would do better on the combine..

"some of the kids i work with run a 4.4 and they are sixteen"

kind of like how all the high school football players bench 300 (while the spotter deadlifts the weight off their chest)

I heard Matt Serra runs a 4.2

I heard GSP can cure blindness

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some of the kids i work with run a 4.4 and they are sixteen.

now, from what i understand, the combine times you from your movement, not your crossing the line, so your time will be a little slower. that being said, if my kids can do it, im sure gsp could.

CUO, not saying your kids are lying to you but I will say there is a major difference between running a 40 at Virginia Tech and running one at the RCA dome on the notoriously slow track of the NFL combine. Methinks your kids get timed on the notoriously fast track at Virginia Tech where players are magically timed at 4.1 40s.

he would be no match for reggie bush's numbers

Its painfully obvious who would be the best person to ask and could give you a definite credible answer.

Ed Al Bundy Oniel.. I mean come on he scored 4 touchdowns in 1 game AND is a BJJ Black belt!!

GSP's athleticism aitn even on prime Roy Jones Jr's league. And prime RJJ wasnt ont he level of NBA players, athletically.

there is a difference between athleticism in combat sports and that of the NFL... GSP would be considered small and slow in the NFL world.. guys that are 5'10 180lbs are ussually wide outs, corners or slasher type running backs and those guys are thletic as hell..

Watching GSP run grapevines on the countdown show gave me a vague idea of how fast he is. Suffice it to say, the dude is fast.

He is one of the few fighters that has a level of athleticism only seen in other professional sports like the NBA or the NFL.


Have you ever seen NFL or NBA players do similar exercises to know what type of athleticism that entails?

French and Athletic imo

in all seriousness this is how GSP would do in the NFL combine

40 yards: 5.0

bench press: 7

vertical: 27"

wonderlic: off the charts!

When GSP is compared to the NFL's elite, is when I leave this thread...

hey i think my numbers are very realistic

4.3 no way id say.

I would guess 4.5 4.6 maybe 4.4 with training.

225 15 times I would think is possible.

at 180 and 30 years old i ran a 4.6 40 and could bench 225 10 times. GSP might be a little better athlete than me so he might be a little stronger or faster ...nah i doubt it.

His arm length and leg size is freakish, the guy is gifted.

I dont see great hand or foot speed when he strikes, buit his core stability, overall balance is awesome

"people overrated GSPs athleticism...Pete Spratt is a better athlete and would do better on the combine.."

For being such a superior athelete he manged to become a B level MMA fighter and not that much better of a kickboxer. Whereas GSP became the most dominant MMA fighter at his weight with one of the most well rounded skill sets in the sport. Funny how that worked out huh?

wrecker thats impressive as hell, 225x10 at 180lbs and 4.6 40