If u can have only one Vid Instruc

if you were limited to having one dvd / video grappling instructional what would it be?

Marcelo Garcia's 6 dvd from www.groundfighter.com

Leo Veriera Extreme Jiujitsu

mario sperry master series

Dvds from Island


im thinking of getting maybe the marcelo garcia one but i would also like to hear what other people have to say.

Depends on your needs. For volume of information Craig Kukuk or Medieros. For tournament stuff, Spery, or for a particular area Mike Jen, Roy Harris or Stephan Kesting.

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Roy Harris BJJ 201. didn't even have to think about it.

Im not really looking for basic vid/ dvd instructionals, though I've heard Pedro Sauers White to blue, blue to purple path to black belt is great.

Cant get roy harris bjj 201 till the store is back on right?

reason i need to get somthing is for me to practice with cause im going to get sent to the middle east and just needed somthing to keep my skills up while all my buddies are tearing it up back home.


what to get what to get.. oh yeah and the original question was what would YOU get if you could only have one series.

Island Martial Arts

im still waiting for those damn Margarida tapes. Where the heck are those tapes. Can anyone tell me?

get roylers book

Rodrigo Medeiros full set...

all the taped private lessons w/ rob kahn.

Talking about one set is not a good idea, because some people have much larger sets than others, so it isn't fair. The most comprehensive single set is the 13 volume Kukuk A-Z. It also has the best price for what you get.

But there are plenty of smaller sets that are better per DVD, like Jen's Ultimate Guard Passing.

I can't help but wonder if Kukuk's stuff is pretty old school by now.

Margarida's set is scheduled for release in 3 weeks and will be available at BJJtapes.com.

Ralph Gracie's 2nd series.

do you want gi or no gi videos.

I personally am looking for a no gi series just for the fact that im going to the middle east and wated somthing to mess with with some of the other guys.

Im also looking for a more complete game type series, not just passing guard, or submissions only, so somthing like marcelo garcia's from world martial arts is looking better and better.

thanks for the replys guys, keep em comming.



Roy's online store will be back up on the 24th, and DVD's will be on sale. Orders until then will be handled by phone.


Nathan Leverton's tapes

Anything by Michael Jen.