If U R Over 30, Click This Thread

Blue namers, please:


God damn it, I SAID OVER 30! No kids allowed! lol j.k. :)

Just wait a year. Patience is a virtue.

And, CRE, could you post MY vid so that people don't think I made the one YOU posted (even though it's probably better lol)?


I thought there was going to be some milf porn here.


randy almost draws a tear to the eye.... inpsirational

Nice video!

ttt. cool vid.



I woke up this morning feeling blaise, but that highlight gives me all the motivation I could ever need.

It's true old men love Couture, old women do too I'm sure...My Dad loves Couture. Must be they get a sense of still being young watching him fight..they think if Couture can still be whippin' young punks so can they.

How cute. :)

i'll be 24 in august

whattup son

Very inspirational.



Thanks, guys. It means a lot. Especially coming from pro fighters. And LeftBench, GET OFF MY THREEEEAAADDDD!!!

voice of ugly dude in Ghost in train scene

I have learned to never doubt "The Natural".