If you could only lift once a week

What would you do? I've got a fight coming up April 3, but I can't really get to class as often as I'd like because of school and whatnot. So I've constructed a 12 round workout to do at home consisting of alternating rounds of heavy bag and speed bag work with BWE that I do on Mondays and Fridays, BJJ and kickboxing Wednesdays, and I was wanting to lift weights on Thursdays. What should I do?

I'm doing a lot of pull ups at home, as well as bodywegith squats, so I was thinking deadlifts, OH press, and weighted ab work. Maybe some farmer's walk, just started doing that and I love it.

What do y'all suggest? Thanks.

What you said is not a bad ideal, maybe if get the time you could do two workouts a week. As you mentioned DL, Military Press, Abs. Then the other workout could be squats, bench (DB or Barbell) or dips, abs. Do 5x5 for everything, pretty simple but it should work.

Also what event are you fighting in? Is this your first fight? How long have you been training for? Sorry for all the questions but I think that is awsome that your fighting. Best of luck and take some names!!!

I think you could make time if you had to.

Answering the question though, I'd do 5x5 squats/deadlifts/bench/pulls/dips/power cleans.

Well, I have time to train on my own, but I live about 90 miles from my BJJ/kickboxing school, so it's tough for me to get down there a lot.

Roc, I'm fighting in the Modern Ringsport show in Little Rock. I don't know yet whether it will be kickboxing or MMA. I've had one kickboxing match (lost a split decision) and fought in Toughman. I've been training there for almost a year I guess, but with a layoff in the middle, and I did some Shorin Ryu karate before that.

Thanks for the replies.

I like chemical sage's scheme, but I'd tweak it a bit for my purposes. I might cut the cleans and squats out.

If I had to do one workout, it'd be deadlifts, then incline press/barbell row superset. Go heavy, go to failure every now and then, keep the reps low, keep the rest between sets short. Only do one set of chins/dips, then shower and go home and eat.

If I was only working out once a week, I'd make sure it was brutal. Hence the 5x5 w/ all those exercises.

90 miles is crazy, I thought you were going to say something like 'I work a lot'.


cleans, deads, and squats all on the same day? That's pretty brutal. I wouldn't be able to walk after your routine.

Forgot to mention GPP and intervals. I would start GPP until a month out of your fight then taper down and start your intervals runs or sprints until a couple days from your fight. Do you have any sparring partners (I'm assuming your @school) you can work with? If so start sparring becasue this will be the best thing, that will get you ready for your fight.
OBTW check out Wiggy's GPP articles at maxfighting.com (I think), that where I got the info I just presented you.

Just realized your about 3 weeks away from your fight, start sparring bro. Best of luck

I do bench/squat/deadlift, 3 times a week right now. It used to be bad, I'm kinda getting used to it. Walking is definately challenging.

Powercleans, Pushpress, Pullups, and Front Squats