Igor Kurinnoy Sambo Clinics

Igor Kurinnoy of Moscow, Russia will be conducting sambo clinics in the USA in July. Igor is a 3x World Sambo Champion and a 5x Sambo World Cup Champion. Current schedule is as follows:

Miletich Fighting Systems/ Bettendorf, IA July 14-18

Vlad Koulikov's Ultimate Sambo/ Florida,NY July 22-24

Details we as follow as they develop.


I can't wait for the clinic at my school in July, it is going to be AWESOME!

Awsome!! Do we register with the schools directly?

Send me some info for our newsletter. I will include it. Dates, contact info, etc.



As soon as I have the specifics I email you.



gregg... i will do my best to make it to the ones in Iowa. its right after we move so it'll be odd, but if there's any way i can, i will be there.


Email me to and I will put it in our newsletter as well.


You can count on my being there. I am very excited
about this! I will have to focus on my recovery from
open heart surgery so that I can actively participate!
This is great news Gregg.

Dynamo,total potency the golden opportunities you provide. Not only for sambists but judoka because Igor owns a victory over France's Demontfaucon on the tatami and that is impressive to the max.

OK, for someone who knows very little about judo (green belt) and even less about sambo (watched Igor's tapes :) ), how good is this guy?

Thanks Guys. Lance when I have all the particulars I'll email both you and Steve.

Vlad has instructed me to post his cell phone# for those who have questions regarding the NY Clinic.


FB. he is one of the very best there has ever been. from what i understand, he be top-10 all time on most lists.


from what I have seen and read, awesome is an


thanks Josh and oldtiger, so I guess the chance of me leglocking him is out of the question (badump, bad joke, bad joke)? Anyone that has his complete US seminar schedule please post or e-mail me at abood23@hotmail.com. Thanks!
- FB

anyone have his Sambo for Professionals (budovideos.com)? Is the CD easy to use on the computer?

"anyone have his Sambo for Professionals (budovideos.com)? Is the CD easy to use on the computer?"

I borrowed best of sambo for professionals volume 1 & 2 from my instructor. AWESOME! Highly reccomended.

i have them. honestly, they are well beyond good. they are very easy to use on a computer, in fact id think way easier on a comp than a tv as they are very interactive with lots of options on how you view things.

after you get SfP, youll have a new standard for videos that wont easily be met.