MMA legend Igor Vovchanchyn answers the fans' questions.

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M-1Global.com: Is it true that your manager put you in way too many fights, much more than you wanted to participate in?

Igor Vovchanchyn: Yeah, I think so. I got really tired at times. All my losses bak then were the signals to take a rest.

M-1Global.com: Are you disappointed you didn’t get an opportunity to revenge your loss to Mark Coleman?

Igor Vovchanchyn: Not really. There is a time for everything, I guess.

M-1Global.com: The blond-haired woman that followed you at PRIDE, who was she? A wife or a manager?

Igor Vovchanchyn: It was Eugenia Borschevskaya, the Federation secretary, an interpreter who knows 9 languages.

M-1Global.com: Were you paid to lose in PRIDE?

Igor Vovchanchyn: Of course, but not in the way you assume. Every fighter got paid, the winner got more, the loser – less. Just like in any organization.

M-1Global.com: How did you develop your knockout power?

Igor Vovchanchyn: I started with boxing, track and field. Later on I transferred to kickboxing. I was lucky with my trainenrs.

M-1Global.com: Quinton Jackson gave you a note before the fight (Pride 22). What was written there?

Igor Vovchanchyn: He asked me not to beat him hard. It’s just a psychological hook – to frustrate your opponent no matter how. And it played out more or less well. I was thinking about what was written there because nobody would translate it to me prior to the fight.

M-1Global.com: Was it difficult for you to make 93 kg with your height about 175 cm? How did you keep your speed and stamina? What’s your natural weight?

Igor Vovchanchyn: It’s all about training. I was 93 kg only for the last two years in PRIDE when they introduced weight divisions. But actually my natural weight is around 103-104 kg. Losing weight I did’t feel myself as strong as before. But 104 kg is the best weight for me and I am really comfortable about it. I felt strong, powerful, full of energy. Due to losing weight I felt lack of self-confidence. By the way the same goes for Fedor (Emelianenko), when he lost the weight, he felt out of his comfort zone. It’s not about the shape and visual muscular performance but it was not his style.

M-1Global.com: Would you like to work as a commentator at the M-1 Selection events?

Igor Vovchanchyn: I would like to if invited.

M-1Global.com: Would you still become a fighter now looking back in the past?

Igor Vovchanchyn: Yes, I would become a fighter anyway. I would only change some details though.

M-1Global.com: What is the reason behind lack of Russians on the international MMA scene?

 Igor Vovchanchyn: It’s all about infrastructure shortage. With good trainers and developed infrastucture there will be great fresh Russian blood influx.

M-1Global.com: What character should a real fighter posess?

Igor Vovchanchyn: One should be able to think strategically and logically, possess firmness, be cold-blooded and patient.

M-1Global.com: How does it feel to carry the Ukrainian flag in front of 70 000 people?

Igor Vovchanchyn: It’s a strong feeling. Like as if you are a hero.




Igor is one of the GOATs for sure.


Great work. Interesting start, was the question I would ask. Igor was put to work like a horse.

 Fuck yea...thanks TSIGOR!! I always wondered about the blonde woman with him and that's awesome that I finally got an answer. The Quinton answer is classic too.

Thanks, enjoying these.


thank you Igor!

as an admitted tuf noob, when i first started watching fights i wanted to learn as much as i could and so i started looking up fight videos and highlights....one of the first i ever watched was Igor V. and it hooked me so bad into watching mma



M-1Global.com: Were you paid to lose in PRIDE?

Igor Vovchanchyn: Of course, but not in the way you assume. Every fighter got paid, the winner got more, the loser – less. Just like in any organization.


TSGIGOR -  http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&thread=1462024&page=1#post-26053859

 TSGIGOR...when was this pic taken?

JimmersonzGlove - 
TSGIGOR -  http://www.mixedmartialarts.com/mma.cfm?go=forum.posts&thread=1462024&page=1#post-26053859

 TSGIGOR...when was this pic taken?

 On May, 16th, 2009 in Ukraine.


TTT for MMA LEGEND Igor Vovchanchyn.

he is what you call thickly built

igor and wand are my all time favorites

He could probably KO most people with a fraction of his power.

I don't know why but Russians seem to be some of the most down-to-earth cordial people I've ever met. Even watching them on TV they seem the exact same way....

Maybe I need to be hooked up with some women of the Ukraine.

Can we have a Q&A for Igor some time? That would be awesome. I want to know how many more shots he thinks Bueno could have taken before his head detached from his body and made it out into the 3rd row.