I'm done

This is very long overdue as my decision to retire from fighting was made before my 7/9 loss to Ed Newalu. I will continue to help the fighters at gym and try to achieve my black belt in jiu-jitsu (someday far, far away) . For those of you who don't know me, I train at HMC academy in Hawaii under Haru Shimanishi and am a purple belt under Renato "Charuto" Verissimo, I have a overall record of 3-2-1 in mma competition. Just wanted to take the time to thank everyone who has helped me over in my fighting career over the years. First of all, to my parents and my wonderful girlfriend. also to, Renato Verissimo the best coach anyone can ever have, Haru Shimanishi, Seth McKinney, David Yeung, Betta Yeung, Neil Andres, Kevin Yoshida, Mike Tanaka, Chris West, DeShawn Johnson, Wayson Waniya, Vince "Cara de Panella", Leandro Nyza, Terrance Matsuno, Paul Ano, Dan Shioi, Bj Penn, Baret Yoshida, Scott Miyamoto, Jason Holstein, Ippei Onuma, Kinya Hashimoto, Ryota Matsune, Hiroshi Tsuruya, Akihiro Adachi, Takehiro of Isami, Akira Okabayashi, Takanori Koike, Chikara Miyake, Masanori Sugatani, Junji Ikoma, Yuki Satozaki, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Jun Kitagawa, Marc Laimon, Gerry Sampson, Mike Sampson, Stephen Palling, Ray Cooper, Yobi Song, John Lewis, Rich Santoro, Karl Gotch and all the guys I grew up with in Salt Lake/Moanalua. And to anyone and everyone that I have ever had tohe opportunity to train with, if I forgot your name, I apoligize. Thank you all. See you at training.

Kyle Takao

good luck kt

still one of the guys i look up to the most in the game...
you're a pretty damn awesome coach yourself sapateru... and a great inspiration for all of us who are lucky enough to get to train with you...
and i'm proud to get to call you 'friend'... :)

here's lookin' to good times ahead for both of us... :)

Thanks Boss, I'm not as stressed anymore, and now I can enjoy a bowl of ice cream whenever I want to.

kyle where's my name I cant believe your going to retire. But I know how it is good luck in your new ventures. If anyone from hmc comes to newport beach call me 808-779-7404 much love and respect ABE RODRIGUEZ p.s. can you give me kevins # please

Sorry Abe, thanks for spanking me everytime we trained together. You definately helped me become the fighter I am today. Take care.

Thanks Bam Bam, Fishy Fish and Fred Hammer. Sorry, I forgot to thank Alan Lima, the guy who gave me my Brazilian nickname. Also, Dean "not Lister" Lista and Alan "Dog" Lista.


Good Luck Kyle you are without a doubt one of the most best fighters in the game!

Good luck dude.

Just remember that no matter how much money someone has or who they know they would never be able to buy the kind of experience you have had, living out a dream.

Take pride in that you deserve it good luck!

Good luck YO with whatever path u take,,,, and after watching u eat a Sumo buger faster than me, and only weighing 135lbs, i guess u just got skillz n all departments,,,,,,,,P.S. will we still b doing a few grapplin tournys 2gether,,,,HINT HINT


Hey Kyle~Thanks for being not only a great fighter
but also a great friend! The past few years that I
have known you I have never seen anything but
good things that you have done for the people you
come in contact with! One of the best times I have
ever had was when we went to Tokyo to watch you
fight in Shooto! You are a true inspiration to Sage
and one of Kitana's favorite uncles, thanks for
being so nice to them. Good luck in earning your
Black Belt, you have the skills for that and I know
you will accomplish it! Thanks again for being a
great friend and coach and I'll see you in class!

kyle, ive known you over ten years and from way back in our shootfighting days you were always a tough s.o.b. and a good friend. you went out of your way to help me w/ my first fight and for that i will always be greatful. like i said the last time i saw you, you faught like a champion and you went for it. you really showed every one your heart that night bro. good luck in all your future endeavers and take care.


Kyle, Sad to hear your not going to fight anymore. MMA has lost one of the most exciting and talented fighters. Wish you the best in whatever you do and see you around. Maybe even @ NAGA. TAKE CARE and GOD BLESS.

MIKE SAMSON(Jesus Is Lord)

Sorry pressed the button to many times.

ttt for sapateru!

thanks eveyone. 3-D, you may see me in a grappling tournament or three, thanks for everything. Chris Brennan thanks for the ttt, I still can't believe how much junk food you can put down. Howard, thanks man, it was a pleasure knowing you, when will you be back in Hawaii? Kickboxerx5 aka ??? Happy be-lated B-day, sorr yi wasn't there but I was celebrating Joy and I's anniversary, thanks for always doing mit work with me and for To-Chau wednesday's. Paul, you gave me part of the heart I have. I've always thought, if I could roll with a monster like you I can roll with anyone. Thanks! Mike, thank you and to all the JIL crew for being so supportive of me, your brother was probably my biggest fan, you guys are the best. thank you everyone for your support, some of you don't even know who I am and still took the time out to post. I really appreciate it.

Aww heck everyone already knows that kickboxerx5
is actually.........Beau Toichi!

ttt for Beau Toichi!