I'm free this weekend

Well my daughter has a bday party but it wouldn't be the first I missed fighting.

Paul B

You got king size balls Paul. Bas is a much better striker than Arlovski and he is a sub master as well. Anyone willing to fight Bas without the proper time to train for him specifically is asking to be on a Bas HL real in a bad way.

Paul Buentello vs Bas Rutten would be the shit...I dunno if he is ready right now for that kinda fight though?....He has been off for awhile.

lol. I'd like to volunteer my services as a therapist when you're daughter's older.

Let me call OMA and see if he can help.

Hell I just fight. It would be a pleasure to fight Bas. He is one of my all time favorites.

paul i tried to email you but your email has been taken off this site, about a guy i have that wants to train in your area South Texas any advice you could give

Me too, you wanna see the Clerks movie?

OMA said he's busy building toys for Santa and can't help at the momemt.

I'll go call Dana and see what he has to say.

"This would be a stand up war (-: "

One good Thai Flurry from bas can end a war before it starts.

"Bas maybe a better Pancrase striker but AA has awesome athleticism in his striking that Bas doesn't. AA would beat Bas on the feet or on the mat. Paul B. and Bas would be an awesome fight, but Bas would not take it on short notice imo."

Ever here of Muay Thai? Bas was a Thai Boxer before he did Pancrase. he destroyed people with palm strikes and body shots, liver kicks etc. When he is allowed to punch elbow knee etc its even worse.

Taking a fight with Bas on short notice is a bad idea.

Paul how come we haven't seen you back in the UFC? Aldana got another fight after you whooped his ass, where have you been?


Fighting someone like Bas is a bad idea short notice or not. But I am a fighter and thats what I do. I'm free this weekend and if the WFA can't find someone to step up I'll do it.

Do you have current medicals?

Will someone sign to make this happen! Go Paul.

TTT for Paul vs Bas!


Paul is the man... Make it happen!!!!!

I like that Warrior spirit. But you dont want to risk a poor showing do to lack of training and gameplan.

Fighting Rutten with a weeks notice is one thing.... 1 days notice is just asking for a loss.

Hey, a legit replacement! WFA should get on this immediately!